Every photographer who journeys to the Rochester convention this year will return to his home the week following, assured of the fact, that to keep pace with the times, one must meet his fellow workman in time and place where the knowledge of years is dispensed freely and without cost. This is what is proposed at the Rochester convention. The Association takes pleasure in announcing the names of the following photographers who will take charge of the classes of instruction in the schools of photography arranged by the Association:

Monday, 9 a. m. - A. F. Bradley, New York.

Tuesday, 10:30 a. m. - F. H. Som-mers, Cincinnati.

Wednesday, 8 p. m. - Lantern exhibition: Ryland W. Phillips, Philadelphia; Gertrude Kase-bier, New York.

Thursday, 10:30 a. m. - E. B. Core, New York; Frank Scott Clark, Detroit.

Friday, 11 a. m. - W. H. Towles, Washington.

Saturday, 11 a. m. - Showing complete results of demonstrator's work, by lantern projection.

The school program for the week will be under the leadership of Ryland W. Phillips, of Philadelphia, who does things well. He will be ably assisted by Vice-president J. H. C. Evan-off in carrying out his plans, all of which speaks for the success of the school.

When it is possible for an Association to assemble talent of this calibre for mutual improvement, its members should appreciate the fact that they are not secured by pecuniary considerations. They give freely of their knowledge and valuable time to uplift and advance the movement of associated interests in photography, purely from a fraternal standpoint.

An entirely new and novel feature in convention class work will be shown for the first time at this convention. Through the courtesy of the Bausch & Lomb Optical Co. they have constructed for our use, a new projecting lantern which will allow our members to see negatives intensified or reduced upon the screen, and also show the results of the various class leaders.

As fast as the negatives are made under the light they will be developed and lantern slides made from them. The time occupied for the completion of these slides ready to show upon the screen will be less than one-half hour. By the time the last negatives are made in the class demonstrations the final results will be ready to show upon the screen.

Saturday morning the devices or inventions will be shown and demonstrated for the following prizes:

First prize, -$100 cash.

Second prize, handsome hand-bound set of the Library of Practical Photography, valued at 875, the courtesy of J. B. Schriever.

These awards to be given by popular vote of the convention.

After this business the closing feature of the week will be the showing of the complete results and finished pictures of the various demonstrators which in the final results will embody their individual ideas. A slide of the crude negative will first be shown, then followed by a slide made from a picture ready to deliver to a patron. Don't fail to get this instruction.

The business sessions will occur on the mornings of Tuesday, Thursday, Friday and Saturday, at 9 A- m. sharp, in the Assembly Hall of the Seneca

Hotel, the headquarters of the Association. These sessions will be called promptly on time. They are to be short snappy sessions in order to clear the way for the school classes on the same mornings.

Monday afternoon at 2 o'clock the various state representatives will assemble at the Chamber of Commerce Hall for organization of the first congress of photography, its object being to discuss, and if practical, to devise a plan of co-operation of the State and National Associations. Let no delegate who has thus been honored by his state be absent, your obligation is your duty. Let nothing hinder your presence, as a full representation is desired. All duly accredited delegates will receive their credentials at the box office in Convention Hall.

Monday night will be a reception of members at the Seneca Hotel.

Tuesday afternoon the Chamber of Commerce Hall is reserved for the continuance of the congress of photography. By so doing it is hoped to have a report ready preparatory to the discussion of the Constitution and By-laws of the P. A. of A. on Tuesday night.

Tuesday afternoon is Ladies afternoon. They are to be entertained by the Rochester Section of the New York State Society.

Wednesday is given over entirely to the photographic industries of Rochester and many of them are preparing to make you welcome and entertain you.

Wednesday, 8 p. m. sharp. presents the most instructive night of the convention under the leadership of RylandW. Phillips, assisted by Mrs. Gertrude Kase-bier. Mr. Phillips in his own practical way will give illustrations of the work of leading studios, showing how many of the best photographers work their skylights in producing the beautiful work so familiar to all of us. GET THIS INFORMATION.

Mrs. Kasebier will give an art criticism of her own work and her talk is sure to be of great value to her fortunate hearers. Mrs. Kasebier is one of the foremost women photographers, and our Association is most fortunate in securing her services. She will have something to say.

Thursday and Friday afternoons the Canadian photographers will meet in the Chamber of Commerce Hall for the transaction of business of the Photographers Association of Canada.

Thursday, from 5 p. m. till midnight, everybody will be entertained by the Eastman Kodak Co. at Ontario Beach. Tickets will be supplied for this entertainment to include transportation to and from the Beach, admission to the park and a seat at the banquet table. In short, an old fashioned picnic where happiness is to reign supreme for photographers, dealers and the ladies.

Friday night is reserved as manufacturers and dealers night and a good night of enjoyment is assured. Details will be announced later.

In arranging the week's program every afternoon has been given over to the manufacturers and dealers; there being no business sessions or school classes during the afternoons.

Remember that every hour of the time during the week has been provided for. Therefore follow the printed program which will be circulated at Convention Hall.

Of all things be on time and there will be no regrets afterwards. Everybody must keep moving as the program will be followed on schedule time.

There will be the largest attendance of photographers in Rochester ever before assembled and for this reason you should secure your hotel accommodations early.

In purchasing your ticket when leaving for Rochester don't fail to ask for certificate which entitles you to the reduced railroad fare returning.

Saturday night we break camp and leave for our homes with new inspirations, new friends and new ideas, resolute and determined to make the 1910 convention eclipse that of 1909.

F. R. Barrows.