IN the September number the profession was advised that Angela Sepia, in certain sizes, was supplied from Toronto, and on page 29 of the same issue a price list was shown. This list reads "Grades Smooth and Rough," but the limited demand for the Bough does not warrant packing it in Canada; and only the Smooth will be supplied at prices referred to above.

See page 31 of this issue.

Aristo Motto

"WE believe permanency is the Keystone of Photographic Success, and all brands of paper bearing our Trade-mark are manufactured on this principle. We hold our consumer's reputation and success identical with our own. We surround both with every safeguard known to chemical science and our own experience."

From An Aristo Platino Print By Herman Heyn Omaha, Neb.

From An Aristo Platino Print By Herman Heyn Omaha, Neb.

Copyrighted 1909 by the Lumiere Studio.

November 1909. Vol. 1. No. 9. Artura An Eastman Product

The best in every branch of photography for every one of our customers - that's the keynote of our business. Originate improvements, spare no expense in making better goods, but when somebody else has made a marked advance in the production of a certain class of goods, be big enough and broad-gauge enough to recognize the facts and acquire the benefits for our customers - that is our policy.

Having become convinced that Artura is the product that best meets the requirements of the professional photographer in a development paper, we have purchased the business of the Artura Photo Paper Co. This purchase means Artura quality plus. Under the same superintendence in manufacture, that of Mr. M. A. Yauck, Artura will have the added advantage, as soon as the necessary details can be worked out, of our Kodak Park facilities, and when its manufacture begins there, the still further advantage of distribution through the Eastman dealers everywhere, a distinct convenience to all Artura consumers.

We have purchased the Artura Photo Paper Co., but we recognize the fact that a photographic manufacturing business is something more than a few formulae and certain buildings and machinery. The personnel of a going concern is by no means its least important part. We are pleased to announce that in taking over the Artura Company we have not only secured the services of Mr. Yauck, but also of Mr. Schuyler Colfax, and, with the exception of Dr. Early, who retires from the photographic business, all of the important members of the Artura staff.

Good business for ourselves, we believe, consists in furnishing to the photographers the best goods in every department. Artura rounds out our line absolutely and with our facilities for manufacturing and marketing, we expect to make Artura more valuable to ourselves by making it invaluable to the photographer.