Ma says it's time for me to take a spring tonic. I ast the Boss wot was a spring tonic for, an' he says "a spring tonic is a dope for a lazy man so he can have an excuse for bein' lazy a little while longer." He said if I took morn one dose he'd fire me sure.

The Boss says, "give your business a spring tonic, but pass it up yourself." He says the man that owns a business is the heart, liver and lungs of that business, an' he's got to be mighty careful how he monkeys with himself or he'll land the business in the hospittle.

The Boss says "keep the vital part of your business in good shape by workin' hard six days in the week and sleepin' hard seven nights, - shut off steam one day in the week an' give your inwards a chance to cool off and rest up. He says "hard work never killed anybody" (he looked hard at me when he said that) - but that worryin' killed a lot of people (he didn't look hard at me when he said that). The Boss says worryin' is a good bit like a little bit of sand gittin' into the cylinder of an engine - don't amount to much in itself, but it keeps grindin' along inside an' pretty soon the whole engine is to the bad. The Boss says,

"Don't worry, if there's any worryin' to be done let the other fellow do it. If you owe the grocer or stock dealer a little bit - don't waste time worryin' about it, but use that time hustlin' for business to get the money to pay 'em with."

The Boss says "Hustle - that while worrying is like the sand inside the cylinder, hustlin' is like good slick grease to lubricate things with - and if you put in all your time hustlin' - why, you aint got no time left to worry. You can afford to trust a hustler for a month longer, but you can't afford to trust a worrier for a minute."

Gee! aint card mounts heavy - the Boss got in a lot of stuff from Taprell's the other day - gettin' ready for the convention sure he's goin' to have an exhibit - says he's going to have two of 'em - one for the convention an' one for the show case here while he's gone, so the reception room girl will have somethin' to do. Says he's a notion to put a card in his show case readin', "These are pretty good, but wait for the new ideas I am goin' to bring home from the Photographers Convention ."

The Boss says the printer won't be the only busy one when he gets back, an' you can bet he's right for our reception room girl is a hustler. She'll work that show case idea to a finish.

From An Aristo Platino Print By Bauer & Coffey Kansas City, Mo.

From An Aristo Platino Print By Bauer & Coffey Kansas City, Mo.