Yes, I know there is money in making enlargements, and I have been going to take it up, but somehow haven't got around to it.

But supposing the other fellow down the street thinks just as you do and starts in making them, isn't he not only going to scoop in some nice easy money, but also take a bit of the wind out of your sails?

We have published a booklet on Enlarging, forty-eight pages of suggestions, working plans and formulae, just to help you get started. This is not an amateur booklet, but one written from your view point, and up to your knowledge of things photographic. The booklet takes up and explains the making of enlargements by both daylight and artificial light; with specially constructed, ready-to-use apparatus, and by adapting some camera you already possess to this purpose. It affords full instruction for constructing apparatus for daylight use, for use by artificial light with and without condensers. It tells you the most suitable forms of artificial light and how to employ them to the best advantage. It explains about condensers, the correct size to use. how to mount them, and just where to place them. How large a room will you require? Consult pages seventeen and eighteen, there you will find tables affording the exact distance for enlargements from one to twenty times, with any lens from five to twenty-five-inch focus. The booklet tells you the best sort of lens to use and why; the proper qualities in the negative for best results; test exposures; development, with formulae; how to produce good prints and what to avoid: how to produce soft effects; vignetting, printing in clouds; how to mount on cards, on cloth and on stretchers; how to produce sepia tones; how to produce olive tones; what grade or brand of paper to use, and why; and many other invaluable suggestions.

The booklet is yours for the asking from your stock dealer or from us by mail.

Ask for a copy to-day and get started.

Money In Leather Novelties

Taprell, Loomis & Company have lately placed on the market a line of Leather Novelties, which offer a wonderful opportunity to photographers to make extra money and to swing a cheap grade of pictures into a good grade.

First of all, they have a line of Black Seal Grain Leather Gentility Card Cases and Bill Books, with openings for a 2 x 3 picture. If you are making a specialty of baby pictures, you can offer a special grade on a different mount and one of these Bill Book Novelties, making the increased cost of your style pay for the Bill Book mounts, besides netting you a handsome profit.

From An Aristo Platino Print By Bauer & Coffey Kansas City, Mo.

From An Aristo Platino Print By Bauer & Coffey Kansas City, Mo.

They are also showing something very unique in Leather Novelties for a penny picture photo. There is the Midget Pocket Book to hold a Print 3/8 x 1 1/8, the Souvenir Match Safe and Watch Fob. They have been put at remarkably low prices, and no photographer should fail to insist on seeing them when the traveling salesman calls.