To the women of the profession:

The movement towards uniting the women photographers of the country, which began in a modest way at the Detroit Convention in 1908, has resulted this year, at the National Assembly at Rochester, in the formation of a Section for the purpose of advancing their art. "In union there is strength," and a good fellowship among co-workers is sure to prove of benefit to all.

The following officers were elected:

President, Mary Carnell, 1314 Chestnut St., Philadelphia; Vice-President, Belle Johnson, Monroe City, Mo.; Secy and Treas., M. Estelle Jenkins, Chicago; Chairman Eastern Section, Gertrude Kasebier, 315 5th Ave., New York; Chairman Middle Section, Katherine Jamison, Centre and Highland Ave., Wallace Blk., Pittsburg, Pa.; Chairman Western Section, Iola White, Kansas City, Mo.

Those who did not participate in the proceedings at the National Convention are herewith heartily invited to join the federation, which has already representatives in nearly every state in the union. It is hoped that each woman photographer in America will promptly communicate with the chairman of her Section or with the Secretary, M. Estelle Jenkins, 115 N. Park Ave., Austin Station, Chicago, 111., that she may be informed of the full purpose and plans of the Association. Cordially yours, Mary Carnell, President.

Only Nine

We once saw a well drilled witness called in court. It was a criminal case of some importance and after the attorney for the prosecution had finished with the witness, he was, as usual, turned over to the opposing attorney for cross-examination.

After the usual questions as to name, age, occupation, and the like, the attorney for the defense asked, in sarcastic tones, "Isn't it true that you have been convicted ten times?"

"No, sir," replied the witness in a voice that fairly trembled with indignation, "only nine times."

The application of which story is that somebody slipped a cog. Pictures on our papers didn't take quite as many prizes at the Missouri Convention as were reported to and then advertised by us. But the results were not so far different from our claims as to justify any indignant protest. Even after making the claimed allowance, the results were overwhelmingly Eastman.

Once again Missouri was shown.

From A Collodio Carbon Print By The Rose Studio Providence, R. I.

From A Collodio-Carbon Print By The Rose Studio Providence, R. I.