Just too late for publication in the June number of Studio Light, we received communications from Treasurer Dozer of the P. A. of A. and from Secretary Evan-off.

These communications set forth fully the advantages and special attractions of the 1910 Convention, as planned, with reasons why you should attend.

We reprint portions of both communications which will be of interest whether you go or not.

You surely want the 1910 Association Annual, so read the following from your treasurer carefully: "The 1910 number of the Association Annual will be a handsome edition, cleverly edited, compiled and printed, containing instructive and interesting articles by some of the most successful photographers on how to secure and hold business - a topic of vital interest to every professional worker. The numerous illustrations are excellent reproductions of some of the best pictures of the year. It is a number of the Annual you will preserve." "Please remember that this year the Annual will be sent only to those who pay dues for 1910. If you have not remitted do so at once and your official receipt, membership button and a copy of the Annual will be sent to you by return mail."

L. A. Dozer, Treasurer P. A. of A.,

Bucyrus, Ohio.

The following from Secretary Evanoff:


The local Entertainment Committee has decided upon the following entertainments for the convention:

Tuesday evening - Grand reception given to the Executive Committee at the Hotel P fister. Music - refreshments.

Wednesday morning - Coaching party for the ladies.

Wednesday evening - Theater party - entire house secured.

Thursday evening - Entertainment at Ravine Park with no end of fun for everybody.

Friday afternoon - Steamboat excursion on Lake Michigan. J. H. C. Evanoff,

Secretary P. A. of A., Salem, Mass.

Lens Burglary

The first week in June we received the following communication from the Photographic Supply house of J. F. Adams, 459 Washington street, Buffalo, N. Y., and reprint it in these columns to assist in the apprehension of the guilty party or parties.

The communication reads: "Our store was robbed June 1st of a number of Goerz, Zeiss, Cooke, Ross and other lenses - Kodak, Century and Premo Cameras. If you hear of any being offered for sale in a suspicious manner please notify the police of your city and wire me at once." (Signed) J. F. Adams.

An itemized list of the lenses follows:

1 No. 8 Series III Goerz, No. 12,496.

1 No. 7 Celor Goerz, No. 223,034.

1 No. 6 Dagor, No. 221,519.

2 No. 4 Dagor, Nos. 226,172 - 222,694.

1 Celor and Excell Goerz, No. 222,081.

1 No. 2 Dagor and Auto Shutter, No. 222,475.

1 No. 00 4th series Voightlander, No. 50,294.

1 No. 3-D Dallmeyer Lens, No. 72,052.

1 No. 1-B Dallmeyer, No. 70,952.

1 6-inch III Cooke, either No. 17,187 or 16,369.

1 6-inch III Cooke and Koilos Shutter, No. 11,872.

1 8½-inch III Cooke and Compound Shutter, No. 18,975.

1 18-P Cooke Process and Volute Shutter, No. 17,215.

2 Sets 6-inch F-6.3 Ross Homo-centric Cells, No. 67,285-68,247.

1 No. 7 Series B Ross Homocen-tric, No. 61,316.

1 No. 2 Series C Ross Homocen-tric, No. 62,783.

1 6½ x 8½ Extra Rapid Universal, No. 55,547.

14 x 5 Series IV Zeiss, No. 574,324.

1 8 x 10 Series V Zeiss W. A., No. 689,838.

1 No. 3 Series X Gundlach, No. 72,658.

1 10 x 12 Clement and Gilmore W. A., No. 104,071.

16 ½ x 8½ Bausch & Lomb Universal W. A., No. 23,685.

1 6½ 8½ B. & L. W. A., No. 76,075.

1 No. 3 Dallmeyer, No. 18,071.

13¼ x 4¼ 1 C Zeiss, No. 1,083,945.

1 No. 5 Ross Zeiss Tessar, No. 15,354.

1 5½-inch Ross Zeiss W. A., No. 14,098.

1 15-A Zeiss Ross I C, No. 15,470.

1 16A Ross Zeiss I C, No. 14,862.

1 No. 0 4th Series Voightlander, No. 24,595.

1 8 x 10 Manhattan Anastigmat, No. 253.

1 6½ x 8½ Dallmeyer, No.49,690.