For 1910

The Tap-bell, Loomis & Co., Chicago, are again to the front with a line of "Trade-Pullers" and "Trade-Ticklers."

The "Trade- Pullers" are show case cards handsomely printed in two colors on high grade medium weight card stock. They are put up in sets - 15 cards, all different, make up the set and the complete lot to you for 25 cents. Just to give you an idea of the style of these cards we reproduce two picked at random.

For 1910 StudioLightMagazine1910 20

One or two of these cards at a time in the show case not only adds to the tone of the case but people will stop to read well printed notices and when they stop to read you start them thinking. If they are at all in need of photographs they will come in. Not necessarily at the time but within a day or two. Your studio is the one that is impressed on their minds and they will come back.

The set of "Trade Pullers" is rightly named and it will pay you to draw on your bank account to the extent of 25 cents and purchase a set if you have any desire to pull customers into the reception room where you can induce them to spend some of their money.

The "Trade Ticklers" are intended to reach people who don't often pass the studio or who pass on the other side of the street. They are mailing cards neatly printed in two colors. The lower right hand side is left blank for your signature. The surface of these cards will permit signing them with pen and ink or they may be put on the typewriter.

There are several varieties, with reproduced portraits of men, women and children.The following illustrations will give you only a general idea of the appearance of these mailing cards owing to the reduced size of the reproductions.

Taprell, Loomis & Co. make and furnish them at 50 cents a hundred. They are sold only in lots of 100 of one style.

For 1910 StudioLightMagazine1910 21For 1910 StudioLightMagazine1910 22

A more effective way to reach customers could not be devised. Buy a thousand of these cards, mail them out to your townspeople, watch the returns and you'll be surprised at the results produced by a personal appeal of this kind.

One thousand cards at a time won't be enough after you find how well they do their work. Order now and get the business.To protect your negatives and preserve the retouching, use

Adamantine Negative Varnish 6-oz. bottle 40 cents

Photographers Association Of America

Milwaukee, Wis., Jan. 12, 1910.

The Executive Committee of the Photographers Association of America, in executive session at the Hotel Pfister, Milwaukee, Wis., January 12, 1910, to arrange for the Thirteenth Annual Convention.

All the officers were present, as follows:

A. T. Proctor, President; G. W. Harris, 1st Vice-President; Ben Larrimer, 2d Vice-President; L. A. Dozer, Treasures; J. H. C. Evanoff, Sec.

The out-going Secretary handed in the following financial report:

Photographers Association of America,In Account with G. W. Harris, Secretary,

Total rec'd for space, -




from old acct.,


Paid to L. A Dozer,


Treasurer Dozer then handed in his account for the previous year, as follows:

Summary of Treasurer's Account for 1909

Photographers Association of America


Cash on hand January 1, 1909

$ 4,698.74

Rec'd from membership and dues


Rec'd from sale of Ladies' Pins


Rec'd from Secretary for adverting. and floor space,




Paid out on Vouchers, 842 to 932 inclusive

$ 6,595.52

Cash on hand, January 1, 1910




(Signed) L. A. Dozer, Treas.

President Proctor appointed J. H. C. Evan off and Ben Merriment as a committee to audit the accounts of the Secretary and Treasurer. The accounts were found correct and approved.

After a thorough canvass of the dates most suitable, the motion was made and seconded, that the Thirteenth Annual Convention of the Photographers Association of America, be held during the week of July 11th, 1910, and the Auditorium in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, was selected as the place of meeting.

The School of Photography having met with such favor at the previous two conventions, it was unanimously decided to again hold a School of Photography under the supervision of the most expert photographers that could be procured.

The Picture Exhibit

As the non-competitive has proved itself entirely successful, the Board decided to adopt the same policy for the convention of 1910.


The Hotel foster was selected as official headquarters.

The Prize for Best Invention

The sum of One Hundred Dollars was set aside to be awarded to the best invention, process, apparatus or appliance pertaining to photography, and which has not heretofore been shown or exhibited at any previous national convention.


The Secretary was instructed to arrange for a systematic plan of publicity, to begin at once, under the supervision of the Executive Board.

Congress of Photography

Arrangements were made for the second meeting of the Congress of Photography, and the Secretary instructed to call upon the State Associations, to send their duly appointed delegates thereto.

Federation of Women Photographers

The Executive Board decided to co-operate in every way with the plans submitted by the Federation of Women Photographers - a branch of the P. A. of A., inaugurated at Rochester, 1909.

Commercial Photography Section

On motion, it was decided to invite all commercial photographers to join the Association and take part in the convention. A special commercial photographic display being planned, providing sufficient participants can be obtained.


The Milwaukee Photographers having announced that they had appointed a committee to look after the entertainment of the visiting photographers, the Executive Board decided to co-operate fully with their plans, and the entertainments promised to be entirely satisfactory.


The various committees appointed by the President took up their work in detail, and laid careful foundations looking forward to a successful meeting.


The Executive Board desires to draw attention to the fact, that the 1910 convention of the P. A. of A. will be conducted under a revised constitution and by-laws, these revisions having been adopted at Rochester, 1909.

The following committees were appointed by the President, for 1910:

Hotel and Accommodations, Evan off, Harris, Dover; Decorations, Harris, Merriment, Evan off; Buttons, Dover, Evan off, Merriment; Printing and Advertising, Harris, Dover, Evan off;

Press, Harris, Larrimer, Evan-off; Information, Dozer, Harris, Evan-off; Transportation, Evan-off, Dozer, Larrimer; Association Annual, Larrimer, Harris, Proctor; Local Entertainment, Stein, Bangs, Bish, Reimer, Gut-tenstein, Bandtell.

J. H. C. Evan-off,