Take it as an actual provable fact; the men who have made a success of photography both artistically and financially, have been Convention men. Men who have attended these affairs for years will tell you of young photographers whom they have seen go to their first convention, - green, unskilled, not possessed of much money, but eager to learn, and after a few years these same young photographers are seen as leaders of affairs, with prosperous businesses of their own and much due to their belief in the Convention as an investment.

This year's National Convention is almost without a parallel in the grade of instruction it has to offer you. Duhrkoop and his daughter, the leading photographers of Europe, to show you their methods, - not merely to talk to you, but to show you under the skylight with ordinary people for their subjects, just how they get their wonderful pictures. Don't say that the kind of work they do can not be done in your studio. Maybe it cannot or maybe your class of trade would not want just that sort of picture, but you can apply their ideas to your needs and improve your work, for no matter how cheap your trade, your best efforts are none too good. Even the poorest class of trade will pay something more for something better.

Where The National Convention Will Be Held.

Where The National Convention Will Be Held.

Then lectures by Alyn Williams and Leslie Miller. These are two men who rank very high in England and this country for their expert knowledge of art and their ability to impart their knowledge. Their talks will show you how the lessons of the great masters of art can be applied to photographic portrait making. William H. Rau will tell all about commercial photography and its possibilities, and he will show you the many opportunities that lie around you for making money with your camera. Juan C. Abel, who has made a study of studio advertising, will tell you how to get the people in touch with your studio, and show by lantern slides good and bad styles of advertising. The photographer is too apt to let well enough alone and wait for customers instead of going after them.

Then the exhibition. Of course, you will exhibit with the others and the mere fact that you are going to send your best work will make you do better work all along the line. The extra effort you have to put into your exhibition pictures will have its effect on the work you give your customers.

The many entertainments provided at the Convention will only help to make your stay in St. Paul the more enjoyable and if you want a little further recreation you can take in the trip to Yellowstone Park, which will start immediately after the Convention, and which is arranged especially for members of the Association.

By the way, here is a letter from the Mayor of St. Paul:

"It will give me great pleasure to welcome to St. Paul as many members of the Photographers of America as can be induced to attend the Thirty-first Annual Convention.

"There is no more desirable city during the summer season to visit than St. Paul. With our many lakes and summer resorts we are peculiarly well situated for entertaining our friends, and St. Paul hospitality has become a by-word among those who know our city.

"Through your well known publication it gives me special pleasure to invite the Photographers of America to make Saint Paul their objective point this summer, and I hope the prospective Convention will be the largest and best ever held."

And it will.

From An Artura Iris Print By Melvin H. Sykes Chicago, Ill.

From An Artura Iris Print By Melvin H. Sykes Chicago, Ill.