Las' weke I went to the Boss an' tole him I thot I ot to have more money, an' he said he thot so too, an' why diden' I get bizzy an' earn it.

The Boss says that there is lots of fellers that ot to get more money or get fired.

He sez that some fellers know how to do a hole lot better than they are doin', but somehow they don' seem to be able to commence beein' better - that they lack push like a broom without no handle.

The Boss sez every feller ot to take a personal inventory of himself as well as of his bizness, an' not to begin by chargin' up a big sum for good looks; an' that a diamond studded lovin' cup ain't in it with the ole oaken bucket for practical work. He also sez don' waste too mutch time set-tin' down your good points but to look for the rusty spots, an' the gears that don' mesh, an' to allways remember that we kik the mos' about our worst faults when we find 'em in the other feller.

The Boss says that the firs' time he finished takin' his personal inventory, an' sized up what a good fer nothing feller he wuz, he mos' threw himself on the scrapheap, but he got bizzy an' patched himself up, an' mos' doubled his bizness that yere.

We take a regeler inventory too, twict a year, the Boss says the only way to know where youre at is to know where youre at in figgers, that guessin' don' go, an' that many a man has guessed himself out of bizness.

He says a lot of fellers take a inventory all rite but that they don' allow nothin' for wear an' tear an' go on figuring there cameras and stands, an' trays at just what they cost 'em when they wuz new, 'stead of figurin' a certin amount off, so bimeby when they need new ones they ain't got so mutch net profit as they thot they had to pay for 'em out of.

The Boss says foolin' yourself is jus' as ezy as feedin' a stray cat creme an' jus' about as profitable.

October. Our Illustrations

The illustrations in this issue are reproductions from Ar-tura prints made from Seed Plate negatives which were made at the demonstrations of posing, lighting and drapery effects at the recent St. Paul National Convention. As may be seen, the same model was used to produce the various effects of drapery which is one of the many interesting features of the Eastman Professional School. On another page we have endeavored by two series of illustrations to show how the making of two of these effects is accomplished, but the actual demonstration is much more comprehensive.

Our first page illustration is from one of the Seed plate negatives made by Mr. Duhrkoop during his series of demonstrations, and not only shows the quality of the Seed plate but the possibilities of Home Portraiture which is constantly gaining favor with the best workers.

Mr. Duhrkoop made his demonstrations by the light of an ordinary window and worked under practically the same conditions which would be encountered in the average home.

Mr. W. P. Buchanan

Mr. W. P. Buchanan, the well-known manufacturer of flash powder, who was for years a prominent dealer in photographic supplies, died Friday, Sept. 22, from burns received the previous week in an explosion of chemicals in his laboratory at the rear of his home at No. 2111 West Hunting Park Ave., Philadelphia. Mr. Buchanan started in the photographic supply business in Philadelphia in 1884 and made hosts of friends in the profession, by his genial good nature and close attention to the wants of his customers. His many friends will be shocked to learn of his untimely death.

Seed Plate   Artura Paper Eastman Demonstration St. Paul Convention.

Seed Plate - Artura Paper Eastman Demonstration St. Paul Convention.

October. New England Convention

The Fourteenth Annual Convention of the Photographers Association of New England held in Bridgeport, Conn., Sept. 11 to 15, was the second largest in point of attendance in the history of the Association, between six and seven hundred photographers being registered.

The officers of the Association and the Bridgeport Photographers Club were untiring in their efforts to make the convention a success. The exhibits were of unusual excellence, including the work of many prominent photographers throughout the country as well as that of the Association members.

There were displays from practically all the leading manufacturers, one of the most remarkable being the collection of prints on Artura and Etching Sepia Platinum of the work of prominent photographers throughout the country.

The Seed Plate exhibit also came in for a large share of attention as it was composed of the Duhrkoop negatives, with positives from same, so arranged to show their exquisite quality to the best advantage.

The various entertainments and social features were most pleasant and the business meetings developed the fact that the Association is in a most satisfactory financial condition. The election of officers resulted as follows:

President, Fred A. Frizell. Vice President, A. Allyn Bishop. Secretary, Geo. H. Hastings. Treasurer, W. H. Partridge.

Springfield, Mass.,was selected as the place for holding the 1913 convention, it having been decided to meet with the National next year in Philadelphia.

Victor E. Georg

Victor E. Georg of Springfield, one of the best known photographers in Illinois, died Aug. 14th at the Nordrach Ranch near Colorado Springs, Colo., where he had been for some time for the benefit of his health.

Mr. Georg was very prominent in photographic circles, having been a charter member of the Photographers Association of America and active in organizing the Photographers Association of Illinois. He served for several years as secretary of this organization, then as trustee, and was later elected the society's president.

Mr. Georg also occupied the honored position as a member of the board of directors of the American Free Art League. Aside from his great business ability, Mr. Georg was known and loved for his modesty and dignity in both private and professional life and will be mourned by hosts of friends in the profession.

Seed Plate Artura Paper Eastman Demonstration St. Paul Convention.

Seed Plate-Artura Paper Eastman Demonstration St. Paul Convention.