The following conversation between two Pullman porters was overheard in a western railway station:

"Hello, George!"

"Hello, Henry!"

"Where youall workin' now, George? "

"I'm workin' on the G. & S. Q. System. Where you workin', Henry?"

"I'm workin' on the D. R. &S."

"Ah had no idea you was work-in' on the D. R. & S. System."

"No, not the D. R. & S. System, George; just the D. R. & S. They ain't got no system."

System is as noticeable to the patrons of your studio as to the patrons of a railroad or other large business corporation. If the system is right, your customer is better satisfied because there is the element of certainty and precision in your business transactions from the making of the engagement and sitting, to the time of delivery of proofs and finished pictures.

Seed Plate By Rudolph Duhrkoop Berlin, Germany.

Seed Plate By Rudolph Duhrkoop Berlin, Germany.

You secure the full efficiency of your help because there is no lost motion in a good system, properly enforced. The Eastman Studio Register System is the most practical, convenient and efficient method for handling the work of your office because it keeps a detailed account of your engagements, sittings, delivery of proofs, orders, delivery of finished work and is your cash book, ledger and record of filed negatives.

This system embodies the practical ideas of men of experience in photographic work and is adapted to the large or small studio alike. With this system installed and properly handled, your attention can be devoted to the systematizing of the other departments of the studio. Stop up the many leaks that make a drain on the cash drawer and keep you in a continual bad humor.

There is the matter of chemicals, plates, paper and other materials that enter into the make-up of the finished picture. Always use the best and particularly avoid anything that cannot stand on its own feet and must be represented as being "just as good" in order to be sold. The best is the cheapest because it stops the greatest leak of all, - waste.

Let the Tested Chemical Seal be one of the factors of your system. Be sure of all your chemical solutions being correct by first being sure of your chemicals. We remove the element of uncertainty by testing these chemicals for you.

If the Eastman Plate Tank is not a part of your equipment, there is lost motion in the wheels of your system. The tank saves time, saves trouble, and gives better results, which is most important of all. Time, however, is a factor in any system, and to be able to have your plates in the drying racks every evening means the delivery of proofs on schedule time and satisfied, rather than disgruntled customers. Every time you turn a customer away with an excuse for work not being ready you are injuring your business. Every time you make up a developer that contains impure chemicals and necessitates throwing out prints that are not up to standard you are losing time, losing money, and allowing sand to get into the cogs of your business machinery. System will help to make the machinery run smoothly.

The Eastman Professional School

The below cartoon from the Denver Post and its accompanying reading notice (which was not a paid advertisement) are examples of the general interest shown in the sessions of the Eastman School throughout the country, and its consequent recognition by the press.

The School has been referred to as a "Concentrated Education," and so it is, for it brings to the very doors of the photographer a three days course of instruction that it would be impossible for him to acquire in any other way, in the same length of time and without great expense. The School as an educational project is unique, and that the photographers are showing their appreciation of its many advantages is evidenced by the attendance doubling that of previous years. The instructors are the most competent men in their particular line of work and they are continually adding to their store of knowledge by coming into contact with the conditions which exist in the various parts of the country as they travel from coast to coast. Each year the School has added features which keep it fresh and new and the man who sees it once is equally as anxious to see it a second time and finds new things of interest and of use to him in his work. When the dealer sends you an invitation to visit the School while it is in your locality, make up your mind to attend all of the three days sessions and get all of the benefit.

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