"We soon reasoned it out, but the man was from Missouri and had to be shown."

"He would open a package of postals and put them in a cardboard box on his shelf and directly above was a small light globe which was never used except when the box of postals was closed."

"The only thing to be found the shape of the mark on the cards was the filament of the light globe, and on examining the lid of cardboard box I discovered a pinhole. You see it was a plain case of pinhole photography."

"The pinhole was the lens that was photographing the filament in the globe on the bromide post card. We put a plate in the box and got a very fair negative of the globe and then he was convinced."

Mark Twain By H. Walter Barnett   Seed Plate London, England.

Mark Twain By H. Walter Barnett - Seed Plate London, England.

"Now let's look at our improvised filter. Yes, there is the rust in the cotton we put in our filter cloth. Just filter the water on Saturdays and you will be all right."

"I am glad I came to see you on Saturday, Mr. Levins, good bye."

"Roams is down calling on my competitor now and as soon as I make this baby negative I will go over and look at your samples, Hotson."

We were just going into the hotel when we met Roams and the way he told Levins about that baby negative was good.

He saw it at a glance and said, "Mr. Levins, I should think it was about time to discard that antiquated fur rug you use in making baby pictures. Get Hot-son to show you the Century Baby Holder and make baby pictures in which you can find the baby."

"You probably used that same rug when you photographed that baby's mother twenty years ago."

Levins flushed and said, "What you say about the old rug is true; I have used it more or less in making baby pictures ever since I started in the business, but I can't figure out how you know I just made a baby picture."

"Oh, that is easy," said Roams. "There are a few grey hairs on your coat sleeve which are not yours, and when you picked the rug off the floor to put it over the baby chair, it struck you across the knees and left a dust mark and you forgot to take the baby rattle out of your coat pocket." "Good circumstantial evidence, isn't it?"

Levins realized Roams was right. I sold the Baby Holder and the fur rug is now a thing of the past in that studio.

There is an additional profit to you in the sale of enlargements.

June. Our Illustrations

We are glad of the oppor-tunityof publishing in this month's Studio Light a series of pictures from the studio of H. Walter Barnett of London, England. Mr. Barnett is one of the most noted English photographers and has made a wonderful success in the last few years in London. He has a patronage of the very highest class and has builded his success upon business principles closely applied to every detail of his studio.

Mr. Barnett left Australia a few years ago, going to England after a short visit in the States. He has recently made a tour of the United States in the company of William Crooke, visiting a number of our most prominent studios.

Mr. Barnett is a firm believer in quality without regard to cost and is a consistent user of Seed plates. To the progressive photographer whose business demands quality and dependability, the ocean is not a barrier. Our increased exportation of Seed plates is proof of the fact that it is quality that is appreciated and demanded on the other side as well as among our own photographers.