Las' week the Boss says to the reception room girl, don' make no engagements for me nex' Monday afternoon.

I thot mebbe we wuz goin' fishin' again, and then I thot again an' foun' it wuz the openin' ball game.

Me an' the Boss an' the Boss' brother-in-law wot keeps the cigar store where the team hangs out went.

The Boss says that nex' to fishin' he likes a good ball game because then he can sit still an' watch the other fellow try an' put 'em over.

The Boss says pitchin' ball is jus' like any other business. You got to put 'em over, an' the slicker your curves is the easier you can put the other feller out, an' he says that the way a good ball team captain works his team is a blame good lesson, for when the team gets in a hole, he jes' jumps in after 'em an' pushes 'em out 'sted of jes' runnin' roun' the edge of the hole an' wonderin' wot he better do.

I tole the Boss that I wuz try-in' to make up my mind whether to be a operator or a pitcher, an' he says that he wuz goin' to have my hed examined as it took branes to be either one of 'em.

One of the fellers in the printin' room busted a prize negative the other day, an' then tried to lie out of it; the Boss seen him bust it, so he called him, he says lyin' don't pay, an' that if you'r goin' to be stung, be sure it aint a bee from your own hive that's doin' it.

By H. Waller Barnett   Seed Plate London, England.

By H. Waller Barnett - Seed Plate London, England.

By H. Walter Bamett   Seed Plate London, England.

By H. Walter Bamett - Seed Plate London, England.

A chap comes in las' week an' tries to interest the Boss in a fake coupon skeme, the Boss listens to him real pleasant like, an' then he says that it would be jes' as good bizness for him as fillin' his automobile tires with tacks an' expectin' not to get a puncture, an' would he please close the office door with him an' his skeme on the outside.

I aint goin' to be no pitcher, some of us kids had a game noon hour the other day; I wuz pitcher, the firs ball I pitched wuz hit, an' I diden get out of the way quick enough. Can't tell whether I'm goin' to be a operator yet either till I take the hunk of raw beef offen my eye.

Hope it gets well before convention time.

Sure! me an' the Boss an' Jimmie the printer is goin' to the convention - we always go. I aint never been to Saint Paul - it ought to be a good town from the name.

There's lots of towns named after Saints, aint they, but I never heard of one bein' named after St. Vitus - it would be a lively place, wouldent it?

Joken aside, even a kid like me can get a lot of good from conventions, even if it's only watchin' the Boss an' the other fellers, an' seein' how quick they can get down to bizness when the meetins is called.

The Boss says the money he invests in the National pays good interest.

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