A new travelin' man, a big fat feller came a bouncin' into the studio the other mornin', an' slaps the Boss on the shoulder an' says, "How are you, Old Top," and pokes a cigar at the openin' in the Boss' faice befoar the Boss could say anythin'.

I could feal the temperature goin' down.

The travelin' feller he flops open a sample case kerbang an' hands out sum pretty nifty stuff, but the Boss woodent enthuz, so pretty soon the travelin' feller notices the ice sickles a hangin' on the gas fixtures an' found himself in a hurry to ketch a trane.

After he wuz gone the Boss says, "It don' pay to start the overture with the loud peddle unless you know youre audeins is fond of ragtime."

The Boss is some slick feller himself; I remember onct when we wuz tryin' to brake in a grene reception room girl an' she wuzent makin' mutch hedway with a lady who looked like she wuz the wife of the man that invented the mint. The Boss he takes a look careless like, an' then steps into his offis, an' comes out with a kuppel of korkin' fine prints that he wuz gettin' ready for a convention. He steps over to the girl, an' says, "Oh by the way, Miss Brown, here's a new style we were not quite ready to show, but I guess you'd better let this lady see them" - an' then he hands the pitchers, not to the girl but too the lady - that gives him a openin' - and when he wuz through - Gee, I wisht the price of that order wuz my wages.

Executive Buildings, Canadian Kodak Co., Ltd.

Executive Buildings, Canadian Kodak Co., Ltd.

The Boss says that it don't pay very often too but in, but that when you have too, don't but - jus' slide in.

Another feller comes in a while ago, an' asts the Boss diden he want to put in a side line of perfumes to sell to hiz lady customers, an' the Boss says, "Sure - I'm goin' to put in baled hay and horse shoin' next weke," and then befoar the feller could kome out of his trantz, he says, "I got a ole hen down on my plaice, sposin' she tride to set on foar nests too onct."

The Boss he bot one of them Cirkut cameras the other day, that's the kind you put on a tripod an' it will take a pitcher all the way roun' if you want it too.

I asts the Boss why did he buy it, an' he sez he wuz goin' to put it on the roof of the studio nex spring when the baseball seezon opens, so'se he can kepe track of me.

Betcha that aint the rele reason tho', as I herd him say when he wuz ordering it, that if they wuz anny frute hangin' on the dollar tree that you couldent reech, it wuz up to you to get a longer pole, an' that he guessed that Cirkut wud help him jar the top lims.

I no he jiggled some off with that Graflex he bot las' yere, takin' pitchers durin' old home weke.

The Boss says that some fellers can whittle mos' anything out with a jack knife, if you give 'em time enough, but that he wants the tools for doin' things the bes' an' quickes' way, so nobody won't beat him to a job while he's whittlin' out another one.

The Boss says branes in men's heds is a good dele like gold in gold mines; that some branes is high grade an' ezy to work, an' some is lo grade, hard to get at an' hard to handle, an' that there is more lo grade than hi grade of both gold an' branes.

An' he says, that if you have the tools an' no how to handle 'em there is good money in lo grade stuff. He says his is mosly lo grade so that's the rele reezon he gets all the tools to work 'em with.

I ast him wot kind wuz my branes, an' he says that he aint discovered enough yet to have a assay made of.

From An Artura Iris Print By Schaldenbrand Bros. Pittsburgh, Pa.

From An Artura Iris Print By Schaldenbrand Bros. Pittsburgh, Pa.

From An Artura Iris Print Home Portrait By Schaldenbrand Bros. Pittsburgh, Pa.

From An Artura Iris Print Home Portrait By Schaldenbrand Bros. Pittsburgh, Pa.

I guess I'd better lern how to use the tools.