"Yes, those pictures are beautiful, but can anyone deliver them? "

Such was the remark that the Associate Editor overheard from a photographer who was standing in front of Mrs. Kasebier's exhibit at the Photographers Association Convention in Rochester two years ago.

The A. E. retorted: "Yes, Mrs. Kasebier can and does deliver them and in sufficient quantities to make a very comfortable - yes, a very handsome income."

A few weeks ago the A. E. approached Mrs. Kasebier and told her that he wanted some of her characteristic work for Studio Light.

Mrs. K. promptly informed him that he was a "nuisance," and then with that incomprehensibility of temperament which a mere man can never understand spent three hours in going over prints, discussing their merits or demerits, their suitability for the purpose. The A. E. came away happy with an assortment of prints under his arm which were typical of the work of this famous woman photographer.

There are some of our best photographers whose work may be said to have so strong an individuality as to be almost always immediately recognizable as the work of "so and so." Mrs. Kasebier's work certainly has individuality, yet she is so versatile that it would perhaps be impossible to say that she has a recognizable "style." Her forte seems rather to be in surrounding the subject with an atmosphere that fits his or her character. As an illustration of this point - although rarely resorting to the worked-in background - she has in the picture of the typical city-bred man (page 22) departed from her usual custom. It is not, however, a mass of foliage that she has put into the background but a suggestion of the hum of industry of a great city.

Mrs. Kasebier's work, by its daring simplicity, has forced her recognition as an artist. Such work would not appeal to all classes - would be beyond the understanding of some customers - perhaps we should say "of most customers," but that it has found favor with a large clientele is evidenced by the fact that Mrs. Kasebier has made more than an artistic success. It is our object to present in these illustrations in Studio Light, work that is typical of the best workers - the best photography of the every day sort as well as the best work of those who have broken away from the style to which we are accustomed. We are glad to be able to show in Mrs. Kasebier's work a typical collection of pictures from one who has dared to be different - and has at the same time made this different photography a success as bread and butter photography.

Mrs. Kasebier's work is that of one who delights in her art. She is interested in every negative for the very love of doing things well, and every print has her personal inspection. Her conscientious work naturally calls for the best of materials and the finished prints that go to her customers are on the paper that offers the best medium for the expression of her art - Etching Black Platinum.