We have passed over, without comment, many of the statements made by the manufacturers of Cyko paper just to see how far they would go in their game of "claim everything in sight."

But it's time to call a halt.

In their report of the Iowa Convention, page 13 of June "Portrait," they say: "Cyko won more first prizes than all the other printing papers put together and five times as many as all the other developing papers."

Facts are:

There were eight first prizes.

Of these there were on Carbon . 2 On Eastman papers .... 3 On all other papers.....3

Total number of prizes were fourteen:

Of these there were on Carbon . 2 On Eastman papers .... 8 On all other papers.....4

Now IF, mind you we say "IF," all the prints classified under "All other papers" were Cyko, their statement still is, to put it as mildly and politely as we know how, "misleading."

Following this they say: "In connection with the above results we wish to extend congratulations to the prize winners, namely:" Here they give the full list of winners, the inference being that these people all used Cyko for their prize pictures. Facts are that out of this list of thirteen (one man took two prizes) ten are known NOT to have used Cyko.

And we can prove it.

Artura Success is based on quality:

Artura advertising on facts.

From An Artura Iris Print By Melvin H. Syhes Chicago, Ill.

From An Artura Iris Print By Melvin H. Syhes Chicago, Ill.

Chemical Logic

The sale of chemicals is no new departure with us. But it is, perhaps, only within a few years that we have entered strongly into the chemical field. There was more reason for this than the mere profit we might hope to make from selling chemicals.

We have fully organized our chemical department because we want our customers for plates and paper to get the best possible results from their materials. An experience extending over many years of photographic manufacturing had absolutely proved to us that an astonishingly large percentage of photographic failures was due to the use of impure chemicals. Of course good chemicals other than ours were and are sold - but likewise there were poor chemicals. And moreover it seemed advisable, in order to make sure of proper balance in the formulae, to establish and maintain a certain standard - hold our chemicals to that standard and thereby insure our customers against both inferior quality and imperfect balance.

It is to this end that we test our chemicals - not merely chemically but photographically and then take more than ordinary care in so putting them up that they will not deteriorate.

Such testing, and such care in putting up costs us a great deal of money, but we consider it money well spent because, even if it does lessen the net profit on the chemicals themselves, it helps to improved results on the plates and papers and that means more profit to our customers and hence more profit to us in the long run.

Our tested chemical seal means much to us; is beginning to mean much to those who are using the goods.

We protect that seal with painstaking care, that in time it may protect our other products and our customers. When you see this seal you know that the goods are right.

Entries For The National

You may enter one, two or three pictures in your exhibit at the National Convention, but not more than three. The pictures may be framed or unframed and should be packed in a box addressed to Ben Larimer, The Armory, St. Paul, Minn., with your own address on the underside of the lid so it may be reversed and returned to you. Pick out one, two or three of your best negatives and make an exhibit at St. Paul.

From An Artura Iris Print By Melvin H. Sykes Chicago, Ill.

From An Artura Iris Print By Melvin H. Sykes Chicago, Ill.

July. The Only Condition

July The Only Condition StudioLightMagazine1911 127

Vacation Days

Are happy days for the children and play pictures are most natural pictures.

Bring them in for a romp and let us show you what pleasing pictures we can make.

July. Bulletin: The Eastman School Of Professional Photography For 1911

Kansas City, Mo. . . .....July 11, 12, 13

St. Louis, Mo...........July 18, 19, 20


Buffalo, N. Y............Aug. 22, 23, 24

Pittsburg, Pa............Aug. 29, 30, 31

Columbus, O. . ........Sept. 5, 6, 7

Aristo Motto

"WE believe permanency is the Keystone of Photographic Success, and all brands of paper bearing our Trade-mark are manufactured on this principle. We hold our consumer's reputation and success identical with our own. We surround both with every safeguard known to chemical science and our own experience."

Seed Plate By Rudolph Duthrkoop Berlin, Germany.

Seed Plate By Rudolph Duthrkoop Berlin, Germany.