The average photographer makes a point of placing samples of his most up-to-date work in his showcase, and should the idea of exhibiting very old work be suggested to him he would perhaps smile and put the idea down as that of a crank, but nevertheless it has its good points and has been used to very good advantage.

The British Journal of Photography tells of an enterprising firm of Cambridge photographers, who filled one of their display cases with nine examples of architectural work taken in Cambridge fifty years ago. It proved to be a good stroke of advertising business, for the attention of the passer-by was immediately attracted to the quaint pictures in which were seen many wearers of crinolines and other quaint costumes of half a century ago.

This is a very good suggestion for any old established studio to follow, and the reminder of the fact that these old negatives have been preserved may be the means of securing a number of profitable duplicate orders. In the case of very old views which may show buildings that have long ago given away to more modern structures, the sale is often much larger than would be expected.

The same idea may be applied to old-fashioned portraits, a few examples serving, not only to attract attention and show the great contrast in style of dress, but in style of modern photographic work as well. Look over your old wet plate negatives and see what you have that would make a quaint and novel display. Half of the advertising game is in attracting attention.

The unusual range of tone and superior quality of Zelta prints will appeal to you.

From An Artura Iris Print By A. M. Wilson.

From An Artura Iris Print By A. M. Wilson.

Brockton, Mass.

Zelta Possibilities

Zelta is a remarkable paper, not merely from the fact that it is something new and different, but because it offers possibilities that are really wonderful.

First of all the four grades of Zelta are each coated on a stock of paper with a decidedly distinctive and pleasing texture. They are quality papers, but there is something more remarkable about Zelta and of greater importance to the man who is seeking after individuality. It is the great range of tones secured with so much certainty and ease; that is, ease for the printer who has had any experience in the toning of printing-out papers.

Zelta is an albumen printing-out paper, but the old albumen printer would scarcely recognize it as such because it has a matte surface and excellent keeping qualities. These were things unknown in the old albumen days. The printing is much the same as for other printing-out papers, but the toning is more simple. Any good printer who can judge a print can repeatedly reproduce any tone from a brilliant red chalk to a warm black in one toning bath.

A platinum bath will produce any tone except a cold black, which requires that the print be toned, first in the gold until the whites are clear, and then in the platinum. It seems hardly believable, but it is a fact, that two prints placed in the platinum bath at the same time and one taken out in thirty seconds and the other in six or eight minutes, will each retain all the delicate half tones and gradations from highlight to shadow, but the one will be a brilliant, velvety red chalk, while the other is a warm black. Nothing will be lost in either print. The highlights will not cut out with the longer toning and the print will lose none of its brilliancy, the only change being in color.

You can readily appreciate the advantages of such a paper for a high grade class of customers. It will stimulate business and give you something decidedly new and attractive that you can offer at a decidedly increased price. It has the quality that will command the price you ask for it.

Zelta is not a paper that will be used for cheap work, because it is a printing-out paper, and the very objection that is made to a printing-out paper is the best argument in its favor. If you could get Zelta tones on a devel-oping-out paper, it would be more common, unless an exorbitant price were asked for it, and Zelta prices are not exorbitant.

Zelta is coated on both white and chamois stocks of distinctly different textures. Offer your customers something new, original and of superior quality. If your dealer has not yet stocked Zelta, he can secure a trial order for you promptly.

From An Artura Iris Print By A. M. Wilson.

From An Artura Iris Print By A. M. Wilson.

Brockton, Mass.

Zelta is furnished in the following grades:





















Price List




3 7/8 x 5 1/2

5 0.45

$ 5 00

4 x 6


5 00

4 1/4 x 6 1/2



5 x 7



6 1/2 x 8 1/2



8 x 10



11 x 14



14 x 17



16 x 20



20 x 24


88 00

Zelta paper is not furnished in rolls.