Me an' the Boss is goin' to farmin'.

Leastways the Boss haz got a farm, an' I spoze I gotta understudy him same az I hav' in the pitcher making gaim.

You see a yere or so ago when the Boss got to maikin' munney he hot a plais an' 2 hens an' a dog.

Hiz wife took so mutch time in try in' to maik the hens lay an' keeping the dog from chaisen em when they did wanta lay that the Boss had to get a made to help with the work, an' then he had to hire a man to work in the yard an' kepe the made kompany hoame frum church on Sunday nites. Then they wuz-zent allways enuff work to kepe the man bizzy, so the Boss hot a teme an' a cow, an' then the plais wuzzent big enuff so now he's bot a farm.

The Boss aint took to warein' overalls an' top boots yet, but he's allways talkin' to the fellers wot koms in about subsoilin' an' Rode Island Reds (I got a kid brother they call Red. but he aint got nothin' 2 do with farm-in',) an' showin' the planz of his new hen hous' for the 2 hens - maybe he's bot moar.

The Boss says he don' 'xpect 2 maik no money outen the farm, but that he duz hoap the in-kreese in the price of the land will even up on wot it kosts him to be a farmer.

The Boss says it's a wize guy that kan kepe even with hiz luxuries.

I asts the Boss wuz he a goin' to open a branch farm same as he did the branch studio, an' he side an' says, Nope, even Alexander the Grate had hiz limitations.

I looked Alexander up in the Boss' cyclopedy, an' it said, Alexander dide bekus he diden hav' no moar worlds to konker, so I guess the Boss ment that he wuz goin' to bee pritty bizzy az it wuz.

The Boss says 2 be happy you gotta be bizzy to the limit, but if you try to do moar somethin's goin' to bust, sometims it's you, an' sometims it's your bank akkount an' sometims boath. Now that me an' the Boss haz got the spring plowin' done, an'

From An Artura Iris Print By C. L. Lewis Toledo, Ohio.

From An Artura Iris Print By C. L. Lewis Toledo, Ohio.

From An Artura Iris Print By C. L. Lewis Toledo, Ohio.

From An Artura Iris Print By C. L. Lewis Toledo, Ohio.

the otes pruned, or wot ever it iz you prune, we are goin' after the pitcher bizness strong.

Sum weaks ago the Boss kame in wavin' a magazeen, and for onct he diden' hav' no time to talk farm, an' he shows us the ad. of the Eastman folks tellin' all the peepul they o't to hav' their pitchers took.

Then he grabbed the phone so hard he mos' pulled it out by the roots, an' called up the feller at the nooz paper otfis, an' they wuz writin' ads an maikin' planz mos' all day.

The Boss says the knowin' ones grab the prosperity rope when it's swingin' their way.

The Boss says that when he wuz a kid he wuz allways cloas too the front when they opened up the big tent, an' that he'll be gill blinged if he's goin' to be behin' when the bigges' show he ever had a chanct to get in on is konhn' along.

Well, annyhow, me an' the Boss iz sum bizzy, we're havin' every thin' painted an' papered up slik and clene, so we'll shure be reddy, jus' the minnit the advertisin' vacksinnation takes.

I watched the paper hangin' feller worke, an' he don' it just as eezy, an' he give me sum paper that wuz lef over, an' I tride to paper ma's sittin' room while ma wuz gone to prayer meetin'. 'Twuzent so eezy as it looked, an' I'm stayin' out to the farm for a few daiz.

The Boss says menny a feller's maid the mistaik ov thinkin' the other feller's job wuz a cinch.

Maybe that's the reezon the Boss haz got a rele farmer 2 do the plowin', and the vegetabel manikurin'.

I ast the Boss wot wuz the ditferens betwene a farmer an' a agriculturist, an' he says the farmer spends hiz munney in the city, and vicey versey.

The Boss says every man o't to have a hobby to ride, but it's bes' to selec' one that won't throw you.