From time to time we have used much space in this publication covering the reasons why you should use C. K. Tested Chemicals. The enormous increase in our Chemical business proves to us conclusively that the photographers at large prefer the goods that are known to be of certain strength and action. This will suffice for the time, so far as the quality of the goods is concerned, but we wish to know something that is equally important.

If there is a reader of Studio Light, who at one time or other, has purchased any of the various items of this nature that we market and the same has for any reason at all been other than perfectly satisfactory, we want to know about it. We not only test our chemicals but are constantly endeavoring to improve the containers as well.

If you simply come to the conclusion that a certain product is not up to the standard because it does not reach you in perfect condition, you do not allow a replacement of the goods, which it is our desire to make; you also refuse to give us a hearing that our side of the story may be told - that our method of packing may be improved. We fully appreciate the fact that a constant user of our goods is apt to discover points that are worthy of consideration and we desire to know of any instance where goods are not received in perfect condition.

We are endeavoring to furnish the trade with a line of absolutely uniform and dependable chemicals. All of our formulae are based on their actual working strength, and if you use our sensitized goods according to formula; which accompany them, it is obvious that C. K. Tested Chemicals will give you the same results that our tests have given us.

We are continually testing. You receive the benefit of any results that are an improvement over other and less practical processes. It is our desire to prove ourselves of such value in this respect to users of our sensitized products that the results alone will secure your patronage and recommendation of these chemicals.

A new Retouching Lead

"Castell" is the name of the new Faber Pencils and Leads made with special reference to the requirements of the retoucher. The specially treated graphite is free from grit, holds the finest point and works smooth and free. There is nothing better than the "Castell" in retouching pencils and leads.

From An Artura Iris Print By W. M. Stephenson.

From An Artura Iris Print By W. M. Stephenson.

Atlanta, Ga.