There is a greater demand every day for the specialist - for the man who does one or two things better than others in the same general line of business. You have met them and had need for their services.

You send for a certain decorator, not merely to have new paper put on your walls, but because you know you can rely upon his taste in selection - his ability to do that one thing better than others. In the same way you have come to depend upon specialists in medicine, mechanics, law, and a score of other professions; but how about photography?

We have some few photographic specialists in the larger cities, and most of them are advertising and making money, but some of the inquiries we have received since we began our advertising campaign for the pho-tographer would lead us to believe that many opportunities for very profitable business are being overlooked in the smaller cities. For example, the following card was received from a lady in a city of over 40,000 population:

"Mother was a beauty in her younger days."

Mother may smile deprecatingly - but - Watch her go to the little top drawer and take out the precious photograph "taken before I was married." Chances are she will also tell you of her admirers. And we can believe they were many.

What a priceless record of her younger charms that photograph is to mother, and - to you.

Modern photography can do infinitely more to preserve the record of yours.

There's a photographer in your town. Eastman Kodak Company, Rochester, N. Y.

There's a photographer in your town. Eastman Kodak Company, Rochester, N. Y.

Eastman Kodak Co.

Dear Sirs: - Is there a photographer in this city who makes pictures of babies in the home; one who comes to the house? If so, please tell me who it is.

Very truly,

Mrs. L. M.---------

1401 E. 11th St.

We can't help thinking, when we receive such inquiries, that either our advertising for the photographer has reached further than his, in his own town, or that he is not willing to go after this business of home-portraiture.

When people have money to spend for home portraits and can't find a photographer to do the work for them, it indicates that there is certainly a field open to the specialist - the man who is willing to break away from studio traditions and go after business as well as have it come to him.

Our grandfathers took their wheat to the mill and brought home their flour, but the miller of to-day doesn't wait for things to come to him. He goes after the grain, makes a special brand of flour and advertises it, and if you are to keep abreast of present day conditions, you must not only specialize but you must let the "people know in what you are specializing.

The lady who wishes home portraits is not going to give up the idea, pack up her wardrobe and the children's and go to your-studio, if she can find a photographic specialist who will bring his outfit to her home. Neither is she going to complain about the price if the pictures are satisfactory.

The specialist is the new factor in our business - the desire for home portraits is the new condition that must be met, and advertising is the medium through which you can get the business.

Anything that is worth having is worth going after, and if you don't go after it you will be confronted with the outsider coming into your town and taking the business away from you.

Meet the condition with a brass band and lead the procession don't follow it.

Individuality is the distinction given to your work by Zelta - the quality not found in cheaper papers.

The customer wittingly pays the difference.

From An Etching Black Platinum Print By Matzene.

From An Etching Black Platinum Print By Matzene. Los Angeles, Cal.