Note - Blank forms will be furnished on application.

*9 All entries should be addressed to Eastman Kodak Company, Advertising Department, Rochester, N. Y.

10 In sending pictures, mark the package plainly, "Kodak Advertising Contest," and in the lower left hand corner write your own name and address. Then write us a letter as follows:

I am sending you to-day by man express charges prepaid........ prints.

Please enter in your Kodak Advertising Competition. Class_________

Yours truly,


Address...................____ ____

*Entries from Canada should be sent to the Canadian Kodak Company, Toronto, Canada.

11 The name and address of the competitor must be legibly written on a paper and enclosed in a sealed envelope in the same package in which the prints are forwarded. There is to be no writing on prints or mounts.

12 We will promptly acknowledge the receipt of pictures, and when awards are made, will send each competitor a list of prize winners.

13 Recognized professional photographers, including commercial and newspaper photographers, in short all persons depending upon the use of a camera for a livelihood, will compete in Class "A." Class "B" is open to amateurs only.

14 This contest will close November 1st, 1913, at Rochester, N. Y., and October 20th at Toronto, Can.

The Prizes

Grand Prize Class First, $500.00 Second, $400.00

Total, $900.00 Open only to Professional Photographers who have won prizes in Professional Class in previous Kodak Advertising Contests.

Negatives, 5 x 7 or larger.

Class A. Professional Photographers Only*. Negatives, 5 X 7 Or Larger

First prize ......


Second Prize.....


Third Prize......


Fourth Prize . . . , .


Fifth Prize.......



Class B. Amateurs Only

Negatives, 4 x 5 or 3 1/4 x 5 1/2or larger.

First Prize.....


Second Prize.....


Third Prize.........


Fourth Prize . ......


Fifth Prize........



*Winners in 1907 and in Class A, 1908, 1909, 1910 and 1911 are not eligible. Note also paragraph 13.


First of all, it should be remembered that these prizes are not offered for the sake of obtaining sample prints or negatives made with our goods. Merely pretty pictures, merely artistic pictures will not be considered. The pictures must in some way connect up with the Kodak idea - must show the pleasure that is to be derived from picture taking, or the simplicity of the Kodak system, or suggest the excellence of Kodak goods. Must, in short, help to sell Kodak goods, by illustration of some one of the many points in their favor.

From An Artura Iris Print By Philip Conklin Troy, N. Y.

From An Artura Iris Print By Philip Conklin Troy, N. Y.

The jury will be instructed to award the prizes to those contestants whose pictures, all things considered, are best adapted to use in Kodak (or Brownie Camera) advertising.

As reproductions of the pictures will often be in small sizes, too much detail should not be introduced.

Pictures for reproduction should be snappy - vigorous, for they lose much by the half-tone process.

Where apparatus is introduced, it must be up-to-date. If you haven't the goods, you can borrow.

It is highly probable that we shall want to secure some negatives aside from the prize winners. In such cases special arrangements will be made.

We have a limited number of Souvenirs of the 1911 Contest which give an idea of the kinds of pictures that we consider valuable from an advertising standpoint. We will send you one if you are interested.

The Judges

The jury of award will consist of photographers and of advertising men who are fully competent to pass upon the work submitted. Full attention will be paid therefore to the artistic and technical merit of the work as well as to its strength from an advertising standpoint. Announcement of the names of the judges will be made later.

Eastman Kodak Company, Rochester, N. Y.