Through the courtesy of Mr. Wilfred E. Smith, of the Matzene Studio, Chicago, and a number of subjects whom he has recently photographed, we are pleased to illustrate the October number of Studio Light with examples of his most interesting home portrait work.

While Mr. Smith is well known to many of the profession for his ability as a studio operator, he seems to be at his best in the homes of his subjects. He has a natural aptitude for grasping the beauty of home surroundings and making of them an interesting and delightful setting for his portraits. Add to this a knowledge of composition, control over almost any condition of light, a world of patience, pleasing personality, and a love for children that wins their confidence, and you have the make-up of this very successful home portrait worker.

Mr. Smith attributes a great portion of his success in home portraiture to the Eastman Portrait Film, which he has used exclusively for the last nine months.

While having used glass plates previous to this time, the inconvenience of carrying enough 8 x 10 plates for two or three dozen exposures in a home was so great that his home portrait work was practically abandoned. Outside of Chicago there was the additional disadvantage of shipping the plates into the studio for development, it being impractical to improvise a dark room in the average hotel.

In looking about for a solution of the problem, Mr. Smith learned of the Eastman Portrait Films, and was given an opportunity to try them out before they were formally placed on the market. A thorough trial not only proved conclusively that film overcame all the disadvantages of plates, but the negative quality was better, halation was practically eliminated and retouching and developing made much easier.

Mr. Smith has found the weight and portability of films such a convenience, and their quality so exceptional, that he is visiting a number of the larger cities, making sittings and sending the film negatives to the studio to be finished. The very fine quality of the film negatives may be seen by our reproductions of Mr. Smith's work, though the engravings have lost much of the delicate quality of the original prints from the negatives.

These illustrations should be of interest to every photographer, not for their attractiveness alone, but also for the possibilities they suggest in the field of home portraiture - possibilities which the convenience and exceptional quality of Eastman Portrait Films make especially attractive.

From An Eastman Portrait Film Negative By Wilfred E. Smith Matzene Studios, Chicago.

From An Eastman Portrait Film Negative By Wilfred E. Smith Matzene Studios, Chicago.