The Eastman Professional School is enjoying its most successful season and the demonstrations and lectures are the most interesting and complete that have ever been offered the photographer. Of course it can only be compared with the same school of previous seasons, as there has never been an institution to parallel it, but the 1913 Eastman School stands head and shoulders above all former efforts of its managers.

We believe more photographers have been benefited by this School than by any other one thing which has been done for the good of the business or towards the betterment of photographic work. And those who have attended for the first time, or have made it a regular yearly visit, are equally loud in their praise of the School and its work.

There is much that is new in the present School - much that will make it worth your while to attend. Read what others think of it, then go yourself.


"I attended the school at Indianapolis and was much pleased. The instruction was practical and helpful to the profession.

It seems to me that any photographer could well afford the time and trouble to attend."

Ben Larrimer,

Marion, Ind.

From An Eastman Portrait Film Negative By Wilfred E. Smith Matzene Studios, Chicago.

From An Eastman Portrait Film Negative By Wilfred E. Smith Matzene Studios, Chicago.

Well Worth 600 Mile Journey

"I enjoyed every moment of every session, and received valuable information that, so far as I know, is unobtainable in any other way in so short a time.

I had to go 600 miles to attend but consider myself well repaid for the time and expense involved." J. V. Messereau,

Chatham, N. B.

High-Class Men In Charge

"It is unfortunate that all photographers do not realize the great benefits to be derived by attending, as many of the stunts shown and the talks on business methods are most valuable, especially when given by such a high - class set of men as those in charge."

W. G. & A. J. Thuss,

Nashville, Tenn.

Regrets He Cannot Attend All

"I assure you that it is always a source of pleasure as well as profit to visit your schools, and my only regret is that I cannot attend all of them. Any photographer who fails to take advantage of your schools but stands in his own light."

Geo. GRAHAM Hali.oway,

Terre Haute, Ind.


"The school is just as much for the old time photographers as for the ones that are new in the profession. The school was especially interesting to me on account of the thoroughness shown in the demonstrations in commercial photography." Einav Lee,

Minneapolis, Minn.

Can't Afford To Neglect It

"No professional photographer either of short or long experience can afford to neglect a yearly attendance at the school."

B. L. Blasing,

Denver, Colo.

Cant Afford To Stay Away

"No man in the photograph business can afford to stay away." A. F. Eisner,

Loup City, Neb.

A Great Benefit

"I consider it a treat and a great benefit.

If you could make photographers know what it really amounts to you surely would need Convention Hall to handle your crowd."

L. J. Studebaker,

Kansas City, Mo.

Success Due To School

"I can truthfully state that whatever success I am enjoying to-day both professionally and financially can largely be attributed to my regular attendance at these schools." Chas. H. Cady,

Omaha, Neb.


"I thoroughly appreciate and enjoy every school and you are to be commended for helping us photographers to help ourselves."

J. B. Mccollum,

Columbus, Ga.

Pyro is admittedly the best developing agent for plates and Eastman Permanent Crystal Pyro is admittedly the best Pyro.

From An Eastman Portrait Film Negative By Wilfred E. Smith Matzene Studios, Chicago.

From An Eastman Portrait Film Negative By Wilfred E. Smith Matzene Studios, Chicago.

October The Only Condition StudioLightMagazine1913 223

It's time to have that long promised portrait taken.

No need to wait for a fine day, however. With the equipment of the modern studio, you can be taken one time as well as another.

October. Bulletin: The Eastman School Of Professional Photography For 1913

Kansas City, Mo..........October 14, 15, 16

Omaha, Nebr...........October 21, 22, 23

St. Louis, Mo...........October 28, 29, 30

Louisville, Ky. . ........November 4, 5, 6

Toledo, Ohio . ........November 11, 12, 13