The illustrated folder which has just been sent out by the P. A. of A. gives such a complete idea of all the good things that are in store for the visitor to the Kansas City National Convention, that there is little left for us to say.

It is interesting to note that not only will those men and women, who have been prominent in contributing to the success of previous conventions, be present, but there will also be much new talent to add interest to the demonstrations - men and women who are expert in their various lines of work and have been successful, but are not so well known to those who attend the National Conventions. The idea of conducting a practical studio has brought them to light and their ideas will be of much value.

The Women's Federation of the P. A. of A. has been a great success, and with the inception of the Commercial Federation, the photographic field of endeavor is so well covered that future conventions will have something of interest and value to offer every photographer who may attend.

The President of the Commercial Federation of the P. A. of A., Mr. R. W. Johnson, has sent the following letter to all Federation members:

My dear Fellow Craftsmen:

The spirit of the 1913 Convention at Kansas City is co-operation among the members of the P. A. of A. and especially among those doing general photography or work different from portraiture. At this convention we shall have an exhibit limited to five pictures from each member. There will be one business meeting, three shop talks and one under the light session.

The one feature on which your Board wants your special co-operation is for each member to send in five or more lantern slides so that we can show on the screen some special picture, equipment, plan, system, hobby or invention that will be instructive to the general worker in photography. Begin to-day, choose your subjects and get the slides done at once, this simple request should be enough to have immediate attention on your part. For every idea you give us we want you to get a hundred in return, for it is up to us all to make good on this, our first convention. A cash prize will be given to the best set of five slides that are voted to be of the most real benefit to photographers.

There has been a strong demand among men claiming artistic accomplishments in work different than portraiture to be recognized at these conventions, and now is our opportunity, and your Board of Officers desire contributions for exhibits under the following classifications:

Architecture, Commercial, Genre, Illustrative, Landscape, Press and Technical. Under Technical should also come Microscopical, Astronomical, X-Ray and Surgical.

Five pictures shall be the limit for exhibition; Panoramic pictures should not exceed fifty inches in length, all contact unless entered in Enlargement Class. We suggest no framing except in the Genre and Illustrative Classes.

From An Artura Iris Print By H. R. Pottenger Wichita, Kans.

From An Artura Iris Print By H. R. Pottenger Wichita, Kans.

Now - double your efforts to make every session fruitful and the exhibits worthy of approval. Our Secretary will follow with a list of questions. Keep your C. F. communications on file for reference. Yours fraternally,

R. W. Johnston.

Any Commercial Photographer or employee, who is a member of the P. A. of A., may become a member of the Commercial Federation, by sending $1.00 to the Secretary, E. S. Caywood, 1309 Walnut Street, Philadelphia, Pa.

Whatever your line of work may be, you cannot afford to miss the Kansas City National Convention, July 21st to 26th.