The many advantages of the loose leaf style of books for office use are so well known that it is not necessary for us to dwell on them in announcing the new Eastman Loose Leaf Studio Register.

It contains 100 leaves, ruled on both sides, in the most approved style, giving 200 pages for the recording of orders. There is also an alphabetical index, large enough to record all the names in the book, with the number of page on which the order will be found.

The order pages are ruled for a record of the date of order, name and residence of sitter, number of negative, size, style of mount, quantity ordered, when promised, proof sent, proof returned, deposit paid, balance due, date of delivery and remarks.

The strong board covers have a covering of pebbled cloth, with back and corners of fine grained leather.

A portion or the entire number of leaves may be quickly removed and new ones inserted, new leaves being furnished in packages of 100 with index. Besides the convenience, there is the economy of purchasing new leaves at a nominal price, and retaining the same binder for an indefinite time.


Eastman Loose Leaf Studio Register,


Extra leaves in packages of 100 with index ...........


Extra binders , . ,......


Eastman Loose Leaf Studio Register.

Eastman Loose Leaf Studio Register.

Enlarged four times.

Enlarged four times.

Aerated Water

If our illustration had included the face of the subject instead of the hand and a portion of the dress, we would probably have had a hard time convincing you the child did not have a bad case of smallpox, but such was not the case. Neither was it a case of defective plates, as many imagine when they encounter the same difficulty with negatives developed in the tank.

Aerated water is responsible for the trouble, and if you have it you can prove the cause to your own satisfaction, and overcome it by using simple precautions. Our illustration is enlarged about four times, the entire surface of the negative having been covered with the same small transparent spots with blended edges.

It the water from your supply pipes has at any time a milky appearance, look out for trouble. Draw a glass tumbler or your plate tank full of this water and you will notice hundreds of very small air bells will form on the inside of the glass or tank.

You can readily imagine what will happen to a plate developed with such water. The entire surface of the plate will become covered with minute air bells and wherever an air bell forms, the development is retarded and there will be a transparent spot. As these air bells gradually disappear, development proceeds and the spot becomes semi-transparent with blended edges.

There is, of course, no remedy for the trouble, once the plates have been developed, but if the aerated water is allowed to set until the effervescence has subsided, the trouble will be overcome.

A number of cases of this kind have come to our attention and in most instances the plates have been blamed for the trouble. This is because the air bells are so small and numerous and break during development, leaving a blended spot instead of the sharply denned mark of the larger air bell with which the photographer is better acquainted. Some call it a mildewed appearance, but the effect is quite different from that of mildew.

From An Artura Iris Print By H. R. Pottenger Wichita, Kans.

From An Artura Iris Print By H. R. Pottenger Wichita, Kans.

From An Artura Iris Print By H. R. Pottenger Wichita, Kans.

From An Artura Iris Print By H. R. Pottenger Wichita, Kans.

This is a tank development trouble. It occurs when developing in any tank but seldom when developing in a tray, as any photographer can ascertain, thereby proving to his own satisfaction that this is a manipulative difficulty and not a plate fault.

With tank development, any large air bells are readily broken by shaking the tank, but these small air bells due to effervescence and which are almost microscopic in size adhere closely to the film and are not so easily dislodged. Water that is overcharged with air must stand until the air has all been expelled. This can also be accomplished quickly by heating and is the only sure remedy for aerated water trouble.