I ain't so sure aboute goin' 2 Kantzis City az I wuz. I bot a revolliver 2 shute Indians with, an' tride it oute on the side ov Pa's barn.

I mist the barn an' plugged a whoal in the cide of the grene hous' nex' doar - gee! don't glas brake ezy?

It took awl the munney I had saived 2 bi a skalpin' nife an' otther things with 2 pay 4 the glas, an' Pa he took the revolliver away frum me.

An' kum 2 fine oute, they ain't no rele indians in Kantzis Citty.

The Boss says that menney a feller has bot things he didden't hav no use 4 Bkaus he didden't investygait.

The otther day me an' the Boss went fishin', an' I ketcht a karp, a regeler ole sokdolliger, he wade moar than awl the Bosses basses put 2 getther.

The Boss ast me wuz I a goin' 2 taik him hoam (the karp) an'

1 sez shure. The Boss says didden' I kno the karp wuzzent kno good 2 ete an' I says yep, but he looks like a lot.

The Boss says I ain't the onnly feller that's been fuled by quantity insted ov quality.

The Boss ain't got mutch hare on hiz hedan' I ast him wooden't he in that kase ratther hav quantity than quallity, an' he says nope that he kood get a quantity at the hare stoar but it wood look jus' what it wuz.

The Boss says a bawled bene haz itz advantagzs as it kepes the flies oute ov the butter bi fur-nishin' 'em with otther amuze-ment, an' the feller wot oans won doan't hav 2 spend mutch time answerin' mash notes frum ladies wot is gone on hiz classik feetures.

I ast the Boss how did he kum 2 no sutch a lot aboute so menney things an' he sed moast ov hiz nowoledg had bin akwired bi pullin' oute the stinggers frum plaices whair he had bin stung.

The Boss says the best skule iz experientz but you pay a lot 4 yure diplomy.

From An Artura Iris Print By H. R. Pottenger Wichita, Kans.

From An Artura Iris Print By H. R. Pottenger Wichita, Kans.

I ast the Boss why wuzzent there no better skule than the experientz won, an' he sed B kaus that wuz the onnly won whair you didden't 4 get wot you lerned.

The Boss says awl kids is teeched that a hot kole will burn 'em, but that mitey few ov 'em reeches matturity withoute a few skars due 2 konfirmin' the fact.

I ast the Boss when did a feller get his diplomy frum the xperientz skule an' he sed aboute the time yure frends are sayin' "don't he look nattural."

I want 2 B kura a grate an' good man an' a bennefakter 2 the human raice, but it looks like it wuz go in' 2 B hard sleddin'.

I wuz reedin' in a book aboute grate men an' they wuz all borned on a farm an' either wuz orphants or had poore but hones' parrents, an' I kan onnly quallify az 2 the parrents.

I ast the Boss did a feller hav 2 B born on a farm 2 B kum grate, an' he sedno, but it helpped sum B kaus farmers uzually kep' better hours, an' didden' know so mutch aboute how 2 put the 4 ball in the side pokket.

The Boss says that there is ate different ways of B komin' grate but that he ain't got 2 that lesson yet.