It's time for a new display of work in that show-ease of yours. You want to interest as many people in your community as possible, in photographs for Christmas. A bright, new display of attractive work will help to do it.

Don't merely dust out the case and change the prints about. This only gives the impression that you have but a few good examples of your work to display. And above all things, never place a discarded print in your showcase. If a print is not good enough to deliver to a customer, it is certainly not good enough to place on display as an advertisement for your business.

Set about the work of making a new lot of prints for samples and display, in the same way you would work to please your best customer. Your best customer may be the one who has never yet had pictures made in your studio but will be influenced to come to you because of an excellent display of work.

If you have not already planned a new line of work for holiday business, get in touch with your Stock House Dealer and find out what is new in card mounts, accessories, backgrounds, etc. Don't seat mother in the same chair that was used when her graduation pictures were made. Women notice such things even if you don't. It is far better not to use an accessory at all than to use an old one.

The matter of mounts is also very important. There are plenty of good new styles to be had, and it is an easy matter to make your work look different in a new dress. If you have been using regular sizes, try a few styles in panels. You can find a size of paper that cuts to good advantage and the expense will not be more than if you used regular sizes.

Try something new anyway. And when you have a new thing, let the public know you have it. Be progressive and advertise it.