Every good business man knows where his greatest profits come from, although a great amount of business is done without any actual profit. You may be doing work yourself which does not give you an actual net profit, yet you cannot stop it without a loss.

Suppose you are making a line of work at $5.00 a dozen and the demand for this work is fairly steady. The amount you do in the course of a year might not show a net profit, but it might keep your help busy and pay a good portion of your overhead expenses, so it is necessary to keep it up. Keep it up but push the work which shows a greater profit on each individual order. You can't get too much high grade, high priced work, but you can get too much cheap work by not making an extra effort for the better orders.

Keep your people busy, but put your greatest effort into getting the work with the long profit. If you have a clever receptionist, she can increase your profits materially at Christmas time by selling enlargements, if you will give her an excellent set of samples to work with.

The average customer is often shy when you speak of enlargements, but there are other ways of saying it and ways of making and mounting the print so that it in no way resembles what the average person has learned to recognize as an enlargement.

If you do not happen to have an exceptionally attractive mount for a large print, get the best thing you can buy for this purpose. Then make your sample enlargements and mount them the same as you would a large contact print. But do not hold to a standard size. Keep away from regular sizes as much as possible and your prints will look more like contact prints.

There is no question about the most suitable paper. Use Artura Carbon Black by all means and you will come so close to contact quality that it will require an expert to see the difference. The Buff Stock of Artura Carbon Black will in most instances be found the most pleasing, the color of the stock giving a warmth to the black print that is exceptionally pleasing when untoned.

Be sure to have a contact print from each negative from which you make a sample enlargement. The small print will convince your customer that an equally good large print can be made from the negatives. And your samples will suggest an individual large print as a very appropriate gift - a little out of the ordinary - that shows a bit more of the personal element of thoughtfulness of the giver.

Enlargements give you a long profit, are easy to make, and easy to sell if you go about it in the right way. There is no need of their suggesting crayon portraits no need of your hurting their sale by making a frame seem necessary. Your best profits and quickest sales will be on reasonable sized enlargements, mounted as contact prints and having all their appearance.

From An Artura Iris Print By Cornish & Baker Kansas City, Mo.

From An Artura Iris Print By Cornish & Baker Kansas City, Mo.

Artura Carbon Black is very easy to handle, has exceptional latitude, great brilliancy and wonderful gradation quality. The shadows are clear and transparent, and the enlargement of any reasonable size, from a good negative, will so closely resemble a contact print that the average person is unable to distinguish the difference. The exposure for a Carbon Black enlargement is about ten times as great as for a Bromide, but this additional time is really an advantage. It allows time for dodging in printing and gives more latitude in exposure.

Carbon Black enlargements will not only please your patrons, but will yield such excellent profits that you cannot afford to overlook this means of increasing a great number of your Christmas orders.

Price Correction

Eastman Portrait Film Holders, 11 x 14. were listed by error in September Studio Light at $4.50 each. This price should be $6.00.

Metabisulphite Of Potassium

The new Pyro Tank Developer Formula published in the September number of this magazine was recommended as an improvement over previous formulas for tank development. It produces negatives of exceptional printing quality and should be adopted by all users of Plate Tanks.

It is of one ingredient of this developer, however, that we wish to speak in this article - the Metabisulphite of Potassium. As a preservative of Pyro, we find it is far superior to any acid previously recommended. A stock solution of Pyro in which Metabisulphite of Potassium is used as a preservative will keep for an indefinite time, without oxidizing, if ordinary precautions are observed. In the regular ABC Pyro Formula for tray development, the A solution should be made up of water, 16 ounces; Metabisulphite of Potassium. 90 grains: Pyro, 1 ounce. Keep the solution in a bottle with a cork in it to prevent unnecessary exposure to air.

Exhaustive experiments have proved that Pyro will undoubtedly give the finest printing quality obtainable in a negative, and our own recent experiments have demonstrated that Metabisulphite of Potassium as a preservative for the Pyro, will prevent oxidization to such a degree that this objection to an otherwise perfect developer is practically overcome.

"Just as you are, I wouldn't change a thing." That is the spirit of modern photography.

And with the fast plates and fast lenses of to-day, the clever photographer can take you "just as you are."

Long exposures in uncomfortable, conscious attitudes are a thing of the past.

In fact, having a picture taken in a modern studio is as pleasant as an informal call on good friends. Make the appointment to-day.

There's a photographer in your town. Eastman Kodak Company, Rochester, N. Y.

There's a photographer in your town. Eastman Kodak Company, Rochester, N. Y.

As a result of the above, Ave will in the future advise in our direction sheets that Metabisul-phite of Potassium be used instead of Oxalic Acid and other similar preservatives for Pyro.