Every photographer has something to sell and the place where he makes his sales is his Reception Room. Naturally it should be such as will avoid offending any of his customers, or if some people are bound to be offended, let the Reception Room appeal to the big majority, rather than to the few.

In the course of a conversation a few days ago, a man, who has visited photographic galleries from Sidney, N. S., to Victoria, B. C, remarked that he had found one practice all but uniform, and that was the variegated effect of the Reception Room, both in form and color of the furnishings.

To him it seemed as if the dominating idea in planning Reception Rooms was to produce the oddest effect possible - to make a room look bizarre, as it would be described by the society editress of a classy city daily.

In the Reception Room of some galleries, he found pieces of furniture, which originally belonged to as many as six different sets or styles. The chairs were not alike in style and were vividly out of harmony with tables and settees. Window curtains and hangings, even to an ordinary human like himself, clashed most painfully with rugs, and every second glance showed a new dazzler in some weird or incongruous fixture.

From An Artura Iris Print By Philip Conklin Troy, N. Y.

From An Artura Iris Print By Philip Conklin Troy, N. Y.

By all means be original in fixing up your Reception Room just as you should he in your work, but don't be too original either in style of work or plan of Reception Room. You know that the man with the original style of work has to keep on being original, otherwise he soon finds that his vogue is gone; same with bizarre Reception Rooms.

People who have souls that can appreciate such effects to the full are in the great minority and they seldom want pictures of themselves.

Remember that good taste in a Reception Room is as important an "undefinable something" as in one's show case arrangement, and after all the most effective work is the simple and natural looking kind, the work that brings you the largest volume of sales.

Don't make your Reception Room suggestive of Bohemia. Mr. Average Man and his wife don't really like Bohemia, though they may like to read or hear tell of it.'

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