The Executive of the Photographers' Association of Canada have decided to hold their convention on Wednesday and Thurs-day, July 9th and 10th, 1913, in the rooms of the Toronto Camera Club, No. 2 Gould Street, Toronto.

The Executive have secured the services of Frank Scott Clark of Detroit, and J. W. Beatty of Toronto.

Mr. Clark will give demonstrations and talks both days, which will be very beneficial to the Photographer, and every member of the profession in Ontario should avail himself of the opportunity of hearing Mr. Clark.

Mr. Beatty needs only to be heard to be appreciated.

There will also be plenty of demonstrations and talks on plates and papers, and pet schemes of the different Photographers and Manufacturers' demonstrators. Then socially it will be one of the best conventions ever held in Canada, and taking it all round, will be a banner meeting.

Get your exhibit ready at once, and have it framed neatly for hanging, and don't forget that the only way to have your work exhibited at the Canadian National Exhibition is to do so through the Photographers' Association of Canada. It will greatly repay you for any trouble or expense you may be put to.

Bring your wife along and have a good time, as well as an educative time; make up your mind to be on hand, and be there get ready now, give the Association a boost.

Send your dues to the Treasurer, Walt. Dickson, 238 Queen St. East, Toronto.

T.J. Leather dale, Fred L. Roy, President.


Peterborough. Programmes later.

Buff Azo

Azo H, buff stock, is a new grade of this justly popular paper that will find immediate favor.

The emulsion is the right grade of contrast to meet the requirements of the average portrait negative, and has all the latitude of the other grades of Azo in exposure and development.

The stock is practically a double weight, of a delicate buff in tone, and the surface is a happy medium between smooth and rough.

Azo H lends itself to the production of excellent sepia tones with ease and certainty, and will afford highly satisfactory results in the black and white or in sepia.

Price the same as for Double Weight Azo.

Frank F. Hazlett

It is with deep regret that we announce the death of Mr. Frank F. Hazlett, Traveling Manager of the Eastman Professional School.

Mr. Hazlett has been in the employ of the American Aristo-type Company and the Eastman Kodak Company for a period of fourteen years. After demonstrating Aristo paper for several years, he was placed in charge of Convention Exhibits and later on given charge of the Aristo School, which developed into the present Eastman Professional School.

It was while in charge of the School at Salt Lake City, that Mr. Hazlett, on Wednesday evening, May 14th, suffered a stroke of apoplexy. He was immediately removed to St. Mark's Hospital and given every medical attention, death following the next day at 1:30 p. m., at which time the session of the School was immediately closed. The remains were sent to his home in Chicago, the following day, in charge of a representative of the Eastman Company, where other representatives were in waiting to receive the body.

Mr. Hazlett was fifty-three years of age and leaves a wife and two children - a daughter and a son, both of whom are grown.

Through his long connection with convention and school work Mr. Hazlett had become widely known among the professional photographers. He was patient and painstaking in his work, and ready and willing at all times to offer his advice or assistance. A man who was loyal to his firm, to his associates, and to all with whom he came in contact, his friends were legion. In the demise of Frank Hazlett the photographic fraternity, as well as his family and immediate business associates, have lost a loyal and true hearted gentleman.