The other man's business, whether he be a photographer or not, is an indicator by which you can judge your own. And if the competing photographer's business, as well as your own, has been poor and other business has been good, then you both need to consult the barometer of other business, look for the cause of the trouble and apply a remedy.

A Texas photographer wrote us the other day as follows: "Your advertising There's a photographer in your town' has reached my customers. Business is increasing daily, in fact I am rushed all the time and haven't had any photographic competition since December. My competitor closed his studio January first because he wasn't doing any business. I advertise I am the photographer in your town' and am well repaid for doing so. Wishing the Eastman Company the very best of success."

There you have the whole thing in a nut shell. One photographer closes his studio because there is no business, while another advertises (even though he has no photographic competition) and is rushed with work. As we have said in previous advertising talks, every luxury is a competitor of every other luxury, and vast sums of money are being spent every year for certain advertised articles, because advertising has created a demand for them.

From An Artura Iris Print By H. R. Pottenger Wichita, Kans.

From An Artura Iris Print By H. R. Pottenger Wichita, Kans.

For the last sixteen months, our advertising for the portrait photographer has been creating a demand for photographs, which is constantly growing nearer in proportion to the demand for other advertised luxuries.

Whether you get the benefit of this demand or not, depends entirely upon your own efforts. We can make people want pictures, but we can't make them want Black's or Brown's or Smith's pictures. It is up to Black and Brown and Smith to do that, and if the three make equally good work, the one who advertises will get the most business.

We have offered sufficient arguments from time to time for the use of our copy in advertising your studio. The copy reproduced on page 7 will appear as full pages in the July number of Cosmopolitan and McClure's, and as one-quarter page in the Saturday Evening Post. The July Ladies' Home Journal will carry the copy about "the growing girl" shown last month. The combined circulation of these July magazines is about five millions.

Many photographers are using this copy every month in their local papers, and they are obtaining excellent results.

Since we began using illustrations with our copy, there has been a considerable demand for these illustrations, suitable for newspaper reproduction. As a consequence, we have decided to further our cut service by having these illustrations reproduced by a method which does away with the halftone screen entirely, giving a cut which will print on ordinary newspaper stock to even better advantage than if a finer grade of paper were used. They will be furnished practically at cost by us under the same conditions governing our offer of cuts shown each month in the "Pyro" Studio ads.

We hope to see a large demand for these cuts, as we know their use with our copy in advertising your business will bring you the same gratifying results that have been felt by many others who have used the copy without the attractive illustrations. The first of these cuts is shown on page 27. Place your order at once.

Make the enlargement on Artura Carbon Black.

Don't trust to memory to preserve the changing likeness of your growing boy or girl. Memory plays strange tricks sometimes.

A good photograph or so every year will keep an accurate record of the subtle changes in their development.

And what a satisfaction that little collection will be to you and to them in after years.

There s a photographer in your town. Eastman Kodak Company, Rochester, N. Y.

There s a photographer in your town. Eastman Kodak Company, Rochester, N. Y.