If two people set about to cut down a tree, one doesn't begin chopping a foot from the ground and the other three feet above. They take opposite sides and chop on the same line and the tree falls in half the time.

For the same reason the local advertising with the greatest strength is that which follows along the same line used by a manufacturer in advertising an article nationally. "There's a photographer in our town," as an advertising slogan has been a great success. There has been a marked increase in the portrait business over the country, and we are pleased to see how many have followed up this publicity.

From all reports - and we have had many - the best results have been secured by those photographers who have used our copy, omitting our name, of course, and inserting their own or the studio name in place of it, followed by the line, "The photographer in your town."

We feel sure that if you will use our copy, in connecting our advertising with your studio, results will come quicker and the increase in your business will be greater than if you depend entirely upon an advertising campaign of your own, along different lines.

Our advertising is creating a general demand for photographs. Your use of our copy will make a deeper impression on Mrs. Smith, who has seen our magazine advertising, because you repeat our argument and add the information that you are the photographer in her town - you open the doors of your studio, as it were, and leave no excuse for her to say: "I would have some pictures made but I don't know who to go to for photographs."

With this co-operation on your part, we will both be hewing on the same line and the tree will fall quickly and your way.

The copy reproduced on page 7 will appear as full pages in the June number of Everybody's and Munsey's, and as one-quarter page in the Woman's Home Companion. The July Ladies' Home Journal will carry the same copy, occupying one-quarter page. The combined circulation of these magazines runs into the millions, and the advertisements will probably be read by a greater number of people in your locality than could be reached by your local papers. Connect up with and direct the force of this advertising campaign towards your studio.

Give the customer some-thing new, something better - ZELTA.

Time works quick changes in the growing girl. Pig-tails and short skirts are soon forgotten in the maturer charms of the debutante.

Sometimes though you will ache for a picture of her just as she romped in from school or play.

Think how she would like one too, in the after years - to show her friends and possibly her children. Make the appointment while the thought is fresh in your mind.

There's a photographer in your town. Eastman Kodak Company, Rochester, N. Y.

There's a photographer in your town. Eastman Kodak Company, Rochester, N. Y.

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