Nature is clothed in a fresh new dress of green, the Spring openings are most all over and Summer with all its attending pleasures is here again.

There are new styles, to be sure, and we must have the latest style. New styles in hats, clothes and shoes. New styles in lawn mowers as well as automobiles. New styles in breakfast foods, wall paper, garden seeds and ostrich plumes. New styles in fishing tackle and porch furniture, but how about your photographs?

It is the new thing the public wants, whether it be something to wear, something to eat or something to look at. Give them something new and make them feel they must have it. Attend the National Convention and see the new things, absorb the new ideas and most of all, profit by them. And when you have something new, advertise it.

Don't Miss It Arrangements For Big Kansas City Convention Nearing Completion

President Townsend advises us that greater preparations are being made for the Kansas City-National Convention than for any previous meeting in the history of the Association, and from the plans that have been announced, the educational features would seem to predominate.

The Convention Hall is especially well suited to the plan for a working studio, allowing at least five hundred to be comfortably seated where they may see all that takes place. The affair will, in reality, be staged, and the hall is so large that it will in no way interfere with the great Manufacturers' and Photographers' Exhibits. The two shows will run in the same hall without conflicting and the convention will be the better held together by this arrangement.

To add the necessary touch of human interest to the show, an illustrated circular is soon to be issued, giving the program in detail, showing views of the great Convention Hall and portraits of the lecturers and all of those who will take active part in the staging of the Model Working Studio.

It is to be an all-star cast of characters - talent such as has never been brought together before, and the practical demonstrations given by these workmen, in all branches of photography, will be well worth a trip to Kansas City to see.

Daddy Lively will have charge of the reception room, with a force of six receptionists of national reputation, selected by Miss Katherine Jameison, president of the Women's Federation. All questions pertaining to this most important department - the sales department of the studio - will be cheerfully answered or intelligently discussed.

Mr. Frank W. Medlar, in charge of the printing and retouching departments, will not only have a force of printers and retouchers, but an expert in background work on negatives, and an ingenious projecting lantern, by which every movement of the artist's pencil may be seen on a large screen as the grounds are worked on the negatives.

Mr. George G. Holloway, in charge of the operating room, will have twelve of the best men of the country, who will demonstrate their individual methods of negative making under the light. Instead of the beautiful models usually secured to pose for these convention demonstrations, the usual run of subjects, including the most difficult ones, will be used, so the spectators may learn the various methods of handling a poor subject as well as a good one.

We do not know of any association of business or professional men, who, in their conventions, offer so much of an educational nature or bring together such an array of talent to freely dispense the knoweldge they have acquired, for the benefit of their fellow members.

Such conventions should have your hearty support and co-operation. Every owner of a studio. who can do so, should not only attend the Kansas City Convention, but should make it possible for his employees to attend. Photography has ceased to consist of carefully guarded secrets, and the broader your knowledge and the more able your employees, the greater will be the demand for your work.

The Kansas City Entertainment Committee promises a royal good time in addition to all the regular convention attractions.

Attend the Convention, bring your employees and invite your brother photographers.

From An Artura Iris Print By Miss Reineke Kansas City, Mo.

From An Artura Iris Print By Miss Reineke Kansas City, Mo.