Where you see a way of improving your work, don't use it as a means of taking business away from your competitors, but as a means of putting dollars in your own pocket. Your competitor will finally touch bottom if he is getting business by price-cutting.

Of the Wratten Filters, those most useful to the average Commercial Photographer are the K3, G and A. With the Wratten Panchromatic Plate the K 3 filter will reproduce colored objects in monotone with the same contrast they have to the eye. The G filter will over-correct the yellows, making them lighter than they appear to the eye, while the A filter will over-correct reds in the same way. The result that will be secured on the Panchromatic plate with either of these filters is readily seen by examining the object with the filter to the eye.

Set of three Filters, 3 in. square, cemented in B glass,packed in a neat case, K 3, G and A . .


Separate Filters, same as above, each........

$2. 50

The individuality of Zelta prints commands the price with the best profit.

May The Only Condition StudioLightMagazine1913 108

Proud as you are of the daughter, and proud as she is of graduation honors - there is soon but a memory of such events unless a portrait keeps the record of each milestone of youth.

Our styles of school pictures are appropriate to the occasion.

May. Bulletin: The Eastman School Of Professional Photography For 1913

Salt Lake City, Utah.........May 13, 14, 15

Los Angeles, Cal. . . ........May 20, 21, 22

San Francisco, Cal........... May 27, 28, 29

Portland, Ore. ... ........June 3, 4, 5

Spokane, Wash. .......... June 10, 11, 12

Seattle, Wash. ........... June 17, 18, 19

Vancouver, B. C. . . . . . . . . . . June 24, 25, 26

Calgary, Alberta ...... . July 8, 9, 10

From An Artura Iris Print Home Portrait By Miss Reineke Kansas City, Mo.

From An Artura Iris Print Home Portrait By Miss Reineke Kansas City, Mo.