The reception room girls sister wantz me 2 B her bes' feller agane but she kant git the dia-niDii wring I gaiv her bak frum the grocery feller wot she let talk it when she quit me for him.

She wantz me to Dmand it frum him, but I'm havin' trub-bel enuf payin' the instalmentz withoute goin' up against a feller wot ways 40 lbs. morn me.

I ast the Boss had I better reserve her to my buzzum an' Dmand the wring frum the other feller, an' he sed I had allreddy bin stung twict in the saim plaice.

The Boss says that if a B stings you offen enuf you get youst 2 it, but wots the yuse of getting stung if you ain't in the B keep-in' bizness.

The Boss says my affares of the hart remin' him of a good manany fellers in bizness, they go up aganst sum kon gaim an' get bumped good, an the swellin' ain't gone down B4 they're 4 another 1.

From An Etching Black Platinum Print By Matzene.

From An Etching Black Platinum Print By Matzene. Los Angeles, Cal.

An' I got 9 dollers yet 2 pay on the wring - I gess I'll enter a monneystary an Bkum a munk, an'jus' go roun' doin' good dedes, az that iz better than B in dun good, an' mutch les xpensiv.

The Boss says he wood hait to C me los' 2 the bizness world az a certain knumber ov horribul xamples is kneeded.

I tole the Boss that perhapz then I had better Bkum a dem-munstrater, and he sed that B4 I kood hoap to azspire 2 theire Dstinguished rankz that I had better Dmonstrait 2 him how I kood clene up the darkroom sink.

The Boss says that addversitty haz been the maikin ov manny a man but he wuz afrade she kud-dent do mutch when she didden hav the maikins.

I am wunderin if that wuz a slam.

It's enuf to giv' you konklu-sion of the brane the way foaks fales to symperthize with you when yure hittin' the bumps.

The Boss says the only de-zeeze you can hav' an' hav' foaks symperthize with you iz nervous prosperity.

Atetene weaks at fifty centz per week will berry my hart trubblez in obbilviun, an I hoap bi that time to rekover my eki-librium.

Mene while I'm goin' to buk-kel down to wurk, az it hikes az tho we wuzzent goin' 2 hav' kno dull season at all.

The Boss is hoopin' up the advertizin, and foaks wot ain't had their pitchers took sintz ole man Dagerry took em iz komin' in. U kan tel em everry time Bkaus they awl maik the saim old kracks about taikin' gass or hoapin' they won't brake the lens.

The Boss says advertizin' is a good dele like fishin', if U let down a hook with a sine on it reedin' "I am a wurm" you don't ketch menny fishes, but if you keep on lettin' down reel appe-tizin' wurms pretty sune the fishes think they hav' just gotta have 1 of em.

The Boss says you gotta kreate a appetyte B 4 foaks will think they're hungry, and 2 get em hungry for fottygrafts you gotta tel'em why the shood want'em.

New Business Made Possible

"Every day I can see the benefits of attending the Eastman School of Professional Photography. This was especially brought to my mind during the last holiday season when I was called upon to photograph a number of display windows. All this business was made possible for me because I attended the Eastman School last spring and learned how to do this kind of work, as well as how to handle other problems that daily confront the average photographer." E. R. Pershin,

Klamath Falls, Ore.

From An Etching Black Platinum Print By Matzene Los Angeles, Cal.

From An Etching Black Platinum Print By Matzene Los Angeles, Cal.

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