A photographer in a small town, who believes in advertising, makes a lantern slide each month from the advertisement on page 5 of Studio Light. He has had small slips of paper printed, which read: "John Doe, The Photographer in your town." The name occupies the top line and is in caps, while the lower line is in italics. This slip of paper is pasted across the bottom of the ad below the illustration, a negative is made of the proper size for lantern slides and the slides are shown at the two motion picture shows in the town.

The photographer gets a great amount of publicity in this way and pays for the advertising by making other slides that are used by the motion picture houses.

Queer things cause trouble in handling plates. A photographer was having fine transparent lines running from top to bottom of his negatives and could not account for the trouble. It was discovered by watching the man who loaded the plates into the holders. He wore an old coat, the sleeves of which had at some time been dipped in the fixing bath. The plates were dusted and placed in the holders, the brush being held in the hand, extending backward under the wrist and touching the hypo-covered sleeve.

The streaks were caused by the hypo that was brushed on the plate in this way.

Every print you place in a frame should have the back neatly covered with paper to keep out the dust. Cut the paper slightly larger than the back of the frame and go over one side lightly with a damp sponge. While the paper is absorbing some of the moisture, brush over the back of the frame with hot glue and place the dry side of the paper next to the frame. The paper will dry tight and without wrinkling, if it has been placed on straight. Trim the edges and you have a neat backing that will keep out the dust.

The temperature of your developer for paper should be 70 degrees. If you are unable to hold this temperature in cold weather, try placing the developing tray on a flat can which has been filled with warm water. The temperature necessary for the water in the can will depend upon how cold a room you are working in.

Make Easter the Occasion.

Make Easter the Occasion.

For that new portrait you have promised yourself so long. It's an appropriate time to exchange photographs, and besides, the pretty Easter hat and frock will show you at your best.

March. Bulletin: The Eastman School Of Professional Photography For 1913

Cleveland, O............March 4, 5. 6

Indianapolis. Ind. ........March 11, 12, 13

Chicago. Ill...........March 19, 20, 21

Detroit, Mich. . . ........March 26, 27, 28

Cincinnati, ()............ April 1, 2, 3

Memphis, Tenn...........April 8, 9, 10

New Orleans, La..........April 15, 16, 17

San Antonio, Texas ......April 22, 23, 24

Dallas, Texas .......April 29, 30, May 1

Denver, Col.............May 6, 7, 8

From An Artura Iris Print By Philip Conklin Troy, N. Y.

From An Artura Iris Print By Philip Conklin Troy, N. Y.