The log of apathy is moving and a good, strong, all-together pull will place it clear of the path.

Millions of copies of your advertising in the biggest and best magazines could not help making a stir, but it is only creating the desire for photographs. You must do the lifting and pulling at your end of the log to get it clear of the path - to get the people who have the desire, into your studio.

The million and a quarter circulation we have added to the "There's a photographer in your town" advertising is reaching your customers, but it isn't telling them that you are the photographer in their town.

That is for you to do.

More photographers are advertising, but possibly you are not.

Most every mail brings us letters telling of the gratifying results of those who have been doing their share of the lifting and pulling.

Business is increasing all along the line, but we are not satisfied. We want to stir you up so that you will get your share of the prosperity.

It has been said that the average person has a photograph made once every five years. We want to reduce that to once every four years, and then get it down still further.

If we can get people to have their pictures made oftener, everyone will be happier, especially the people photographed.

And if you will do your part of the advertising, we can probably get them into the habit of having their pictures made every year, and that means five times as much business for the photographer.

The average person buys luxuries amounting to many times what they spend for photographs, but there is a very good reason for these larger purchases. While the articles bought may not be as useful or give as much pleasure as photographs, they are extensively advertised and every advertised article that is not a necessity is a competitor of the photograph.

This condition of affairs can only be changed by advertising photographs to the general public, as we are doing, and your local advertising to counteract that of your local competitors who sell the luxuries.

Advertising is a scientific game that you must play by the same rules your competitor is using, if you expect to make a good score.

Our April advertising was good you may think the May advertising better. It appeals to young folks and their mothers and fathers. The copy will be found on page 5.

Connect up with it - pull hard, and the business will come your way.