The Kansas City Convention which is booked for the week of July 21st, is to be a memorable one. It will be an educational convention, with enough entertainment introduced to make a well balanced week. Kansas City Convention Hall, where the Convention will be held, is the largest hall ever placed at the disposal of the Association. The entire show will be under one roof. The main floor of the building will be used for the manufacturers and dealers for their exhibits, which will be unusually numerous, extensive and of special interest. Since there are no state conventions west of the Mississippi River this year, all the new inventions and productions will be shown here. Exhibitors will have uniform booths, handsomely decorated, the whole presenting a scene that will eclipse all previous attempts of the P. A. of A.

The business meetings will be held in the balcony at one end of the Convention Hall. At the other side, provision will be made for meetings of State Associations. On the program there will be no long, tedious, uninteresting lectures; instead, a few crisp, snappy talks, full of good meat that you will not only enjoy but can take home with you in new ideas.

The picture exhibit will be placed in the corridors, pictures being displayed on special desk-shaped screens, all properly lighted so that there will be no choice of position. Five pictures have been requested from each exhibitor and all prints will be passed on by a competent jury before being hung. A jury will also select a few (not over twenty) of the best pictures made and exhibited by members of the P. A. of A., for illustrating the 1913 Association Annual.

The Women's Federation under the leadership of Katherine Jamieson of Pittsburgh, and the "Sweet Sixteen" comes but once in her lifetime. Let the portrait preserve the record of that happy age. A visit to the photographer keeps fresh for all time, the budding charms of sixteen or the bloom of twenty.

Think what those pictures will mean to you and to her, in the after years.

Modern equipment and the natural, homelike surroundings of the up-to-date studio, insure faithful and artistic portraiture.

There s a photographer in your town. Eastman Kodak Company, Rochester, N. Y.

There s a photographer in your town. Eastman Kodak Company, Rochester, N. Y.

Commercial Men's Federation headed by Pres. R. W. Johnson, of the same city, are planning programs that will be of special interest to the ladies and to those who are engaged in Commercial Photography. The exhibits of both these organizations will be made under the rules governing the regular exhibition. Lady photographers and commercial men will find much of special interest to them.

All the pictures sent for exhibition must be sent to First Vice-President Manly W. Tyree, c/o Convention Hall, Kansas City, Mo., and must reach their destination by July 14th. No packages will be accepted after that date. Prints for the picture exhibition may be framed or not, may be any size and printed on any medium, and must not bear the name of the maker. Pack them carefully and send prepaid with the name and address of the sender on the under side of the box cover.

The Association Annual for 1913, which will be issued soon after the Convention, will be illustrated with some of the pictures shown and will contain a full report of the proceedings. A copy will be sent everyone who pays dues for 1913.

The Kansas City photographers and dealers are very actively engaged in preparing for our entertainment, and the social features of the Kansas City Convention will compare favorably with those of any previous meetings of the National. The hotel facilities are ample and of the best quality. The Baltimore Hotel, the headquarters, is equal to any of the high class hotels in the East, and there are numerous other hotels, any of which will be found satisfactory.

Detailed information concerning the program will be given out later. Watch for it. While you are waiting, if already a member, pay your dues, line up your neighhor for a membership and make your plans to attend the Convention together in July.

If an owner, part owner or manager of a studio, you must have an active membership. Membership fee $3.00, dues $3.00 per annum, $6.00 in all. If an employee of a studio, a manufacturer or a dealer or his representative, send $2.00 dues no membership fee required from associate members. Employees are requested to show a card of identification from their employer.

L. A. Dozer, Treasurer, Bucyrus, Ohio.