I bot the reception room girl's sister a neer diamon' wring for Krismuss an' a weak affter she quit me for the grocery delivery boy.

Kurrs hiz kowardly hart.

An' I only pade the second installment an' hez waring thee wring.

I think I'd BKum a pirut if I only new whear I kud get a Kor-respondens Kourse in pirutting.

It's awful 2 hav' lov's yung dreem shattered when youv gotta keep on payin' the installmentz.

When I BKum ritch an' famos I'm kumin bak to glote oaver the poor grocery klerk's widdow an' 19 children.

I told the Boss aboute the diamon' wring an' the installmentz an' he sed I wuzzent the firs' feller that had 2 buy otes for a ded horse.

I am glad I didden xperens this menttel anguitch durin' the Krismus rush BKaus I kuddent hav' dun my dooty.

Weeve been so blaim bizzy taikin inventory this weke that I aint had mutch time 2 brude oaver mi trubbels tho'.

The Boss says B'in bizzy haz kured manny a sikncss.

When me an' the Boss wuz chekkin up the inventory with las' yere's I sene he charged up all the outfitz les' than he did las' yere. I asts him why wuz that an' he says thatz for Dpreciation, an' he showd me a plais wheare I'd banged one of the kamerys an' kraked the would, an' he sed the kamery wuzzent worth so mutch now, an' that everything that wuz used wuz natcherly wurth less.

The Boss says yure only fulin yureself when you don' figger on ware an' tair.

He says its foolitch to charg' up a thing 2 yureself for moar than you'd B willin' 2 giv' 4 it.

Wee Kum to sum kard mounts that wuzzent no good no moar an' I asts the Boss wot shoulde I put 'em down at - an' he says put 'em down in the waist baskit.

I asts him why if they kost him munney that he diden' put 'em down in the inventory, an' he says if he did it that way pretty sune all hiz azzets wood Bkum lyabillitys.

I asts the Boss wot wuz the differentz Btween a azzet an' a lyabillity - an' he says the differentz is wot wuz keepin' him oute ov the poar hous".

The Boss says that thairs lotz of fellers wot hitches up a lya-bility an' tries 2 drive it as a azzet an' then wunders wot is rong when it getz balky.

The Boss says that thair' s kwite few biznesmen wot iz honest with every boddy but themselves.

I asts the Boss wot wuz the uze of taikin a inventory if it diden' tel' the man who tuk it whair he wuz at an' he says that's the anser.

From An Etching Black Platinum Print By The Misses Selby New York, .N. Y.

From An Etching Black Platinum Print By The Misses Selby New York, .N. Y.

From An Etching Black Platinum Print By The Misses Selby New York, N. Y.

From An Etching Black Platinum Print By The Misses Selby New York, N. Y.

The Boss says it's queer how sum fellers haz got the nurv to chase a burgler down a dark hall with nothin' but a tuthpik, an' aint got the nurv to faice there tru bizness kondition.

I asts the Boss did anny ov hiz inventories ever giv him hart falure, an' he sed sevrel ov 'em had, but it wuz a good thing for him to fin' oute hiz bizness muz sik in time to kure it.

The Boss says what's the use ov waiting till yure bizness tem-perture gets up 2 nere the fatle point B4 you Bgin to know it needs doktorin.