Mean' the Boss wuztalkin' aboate the different kind of salesmen wot kums into the studio to sell things. Some of 'em iz slikker en greese an' sum only think they R.

The Boss says the reely slik salesman haz gotta B born a gennelman with pollishan'polyenes horned in 2 him, B kaus if hiz politeness iz jus' put on 4 the okkasion the ruff stuff under neth iz pretty apt 2 show through the platin'.

I ast the Boss did he think I kood evver B-kum a slik salesman an' he sed he wuz afrade it wood B like puttin' rubber heles on a kalf an' playin he wuz a tiger.

The Boss haz a way of keepin' a feller's hat down 2 normal size, but hiz methods ain't awlways paneless.

I ast him why wuz he tryin' 2 diskurredge mi loffty ambittions, an' he sed moast livin' things had 2 B pruned if they wuz growin' in the rong direktion.

The Boss sed it wood pay me 2 studdy the way the different salesmen went 2 it, so I hav bin watchin' 'em. One big feller wot none ov us had evver scene B 4 kame in an' slapped the Boss on the bak, an' froze his hand.

The Boss kan tern on the hete or kold when he wantz 2 quikker than eny boddy I evver scene.

The Boss says that there is three hunderd an' fifty-nine degrees B-twene frendliness an' freshness.

Wel this feller diden't sell the Boss nothin' an' went oute wonderin' wot had put the frost on the punkin.

Another feller kame in an' akted az tho' he wuz afrade ov the Boss, an' he diden't sell nothin' neether. The Boss says that a feller that's afrade to talk rite oute in meetin' haden' ot 2 B trusted with no order.

There wuz another chap kom in the otther day what wuz different.

He kaim in aktin jus' like he wuz shure we wuz glad to C him, an' asts for the Boss, an' when he kum he hands him hiz kard an' then wates. He didn't do no bak slappin' an' his kneez diden't wobble, an' when he started talkin' he got rite down 2 brass taks an' he had the Boss prikken up hiz eres pretty quik, an' fineally when he sez to the Boss "sine your naim hear on this dotty line," the Boss he dun it jus' like sineing orders wuz one ov his Kanned specilties.

The Boss says a rele salesman is a feller wot maiks you wanta hav' the things he wants you to hav'.

I asts the Boss wot wuz the differentz B-tween a salesman an' a advertisin' man an' he says that the only differentz iz that one feller does the trick on the spot an' the other feller does it with printin' ink an' that if a feller ain't natcherly no salesman he don't stand mutch chantz ov bein' a advertisin' man.

The Boss says thair's 2 kinds ov advertisin' - good an' bad, an' he says that thair's lots ov fellers doin' blaim bad advertisin' 4 themselves an' don't no it.

He says that the feller that leaves the saim display in hiz sho kase for 6 munths or that 4 gets 2 hav' the frunt stares swep down is advertisin' the fact that he ain't verry blaim pertickiler an' that he may maik corkin' good pitchers but a lot ov foaks won't beleeve it.

The Boss says it only kosts 6 bits to get yure sute pressed or 4 bits, if yure sute ain't got no vest, an' that you can charge it to good advertisin' with a klene konscentz, an' he says a 5 cent shine adds 2 the toot ensembuel ( l think that's french for the whole get up.)

From An Eastman Portrait Film Negative By Wilfred E Smith Matzene studios, Chicago.

From An Eastman Portrait Film Negative By Wilfred E Smith Matzene studios, Chicago.

From An Eastman Portrait Film Negative By Wilfred E. Smith Matzene Studios, Chicago.

From An Eastman Portrait Film Negative By Wilfred E. Smith Matzene Studios, Chicago.

I asts the Boss how bout havin' yure Knales mannykured and he says "a littel mannykurin' know an' then is rellished bi the best ov men," specially if the mannykure lady iz a good kon-versationilist.

I kaim down awl dolled up the otther day, an' the Boss asts me whoze weddin' wuz I agoin' 2 an' I tole him I wuzzent goin' 2 no weddin' but wuz jus' tryin' 2 taik hiz advize an' do a littel good advertizin' 4 my self. He sed that I'd hav' 2 run the saim ad 4 a weke or so B foar he felt I had the rite spirrit.

The Boss says you kant do no kind ov advertizin' jus' wuntz an' maik foaks B-leeve youar in ernest.