There seems to be an increasing demand for a strictly high grade post card of less contrast than the Artura Non Curling cards we have been furnishing, and, to meet this demand, we are now making Non Curling Post Cards in a soft emulsion.

It will, as a consequence, be necessary to specify soft or medium in ordering Non Curling Post Cards in the future, the new grade being designated as soft'' and the one previously furnished as medium."

This new card will produce prints with all the Artura quality, the soft emulsion permitting one to secure a perfect scale of soft gradation without the loss of brilliancy. For the very highest grade of Post Card work, use Artura Non Curling Post Cards, medium or soft. If grade is not specified medium will be shipped.

The fast plate of quality, for portraiture:

Seed 30 Gilt Edge.

Anew Artura Post Card StudioLightMagazine1914 99


By Geo. M. Edmondson

Cleveland, Ohio


That we are privileged to offer our readers a series of illustrations from the studio of The Geo. M. Edmondson Co. of Cleveland, Ohio, is an especial pleasure to us. First, because Mr. Edmondson has for years been one of the prominent figures in the photographic profession, and second, because his work is worthy of the most careful study of our readers.

When quite a young lad Mr. Edmondson entered the profession as an assistant to his father, who was a pioneer wet plate photographer of Norwalk, Ohio. He later moved to Cleveland and accepted a position as assistant operator to J. F. Ryder and later became, in turn, assistant operator, partner and successor to Mr. E. Decker, incorporating The Geo. M. Edmondson Co. on purchasing Mr. Decker's interest in the business.

Mr. Edmondson has always done his own work under the skylight as well as personally inspecting all of the work leaving his printing department. And to this careful inspection of the finished product, on which the photographer's reputation depends,he probably owes much of his success.

Every Edmondson print must be a perfect one and every skilful effect produced under his expert manipulation of lights and careful placing of shadows must be reproduced in the print which the customer is to receive, and on which the reputation of the Edmondson studio is to be maintained.

To us, however, one of the most interesting characteristics of this man is his far-sighted business instinct. For instance, he has been making home portraits for the last fifteen years.

How many photographers realized a dozen years ago that home portraiture was to become one of the most profitable branches of photographic work? And of those who did, how many were broad and far-seeing enough to put their ideas into execution and to reap the benefits of this business?

As home portraiture is more generally practiced and the demand for the work is increasing, it may be readily seen that Mr. Edmondson has not only fortified himself against the inroads of the traveling specialist in this work, but has more firmly intrenched himself in the esteem of his clientele by his progres-siveness and foresight.

For twelve years Mr. Edmondson has occupied his own home studio (an old mansion converted into a studio) in the fashionable residence section of Cleveland, in perfect harmony with its surroundings. A great portion of his work at the present time is home portraiture of the highest class and it must be said that for all his work he receives prices which permit him to maintain the very highest standard of quality. Artura is the paper used exclusively for this high grade work.

Another interesting point in Mr. Edmondson's studio work is the straight side light by which he makes his negatives. It has often been remarked that a person is seldom seen under the same conditions of light found in the average studio, and that for this reason, studio portraits are not always perfectly natural. We are most accustomed to see our friends in side lights and it may be that this method of lighting has appealed to Mr. Edmondson for this very reason, and has helped to make his studio portraits so pleasing to his patrons.

Our engravings have lost some of the delicate quality of the original prints, but they are excellent examples of the results that may be secured in the homes of your subjects.


The paper without a disappointment.

Artura StudioLightMagazine1914 100


By Geo. M. Edmondson

Cleveland, Ohio