Ths Eastman Enlarging Outfit illustrated above is practical and efficient. It has many distinctive features that add to the convenience of manipulation, and make enlarging almost as easy as making contact prints.

The outfit is strong and durable, all parts are smooth working and adjustments are most simply made. As shown in the illustrations, the lamp house and camera are on a movable bed on top of the stand, while the easel is on a movable extension underneath. One half turn of a binding screw at the side of the lamp house allows the camera and lamp house to be moved back and forth on their roller bearings to any desired point, where a half turn of the same screw locks the camera firmly in place, the entire movement requiring the use of only one hand. This is to place the camera the proper distance from the easel, which also slides back and forth to give various sized enlargements.

The camera has a double focusing screw so that fine focusing may be done from either side of the camera. The paper easel has a hinged front which in turn has a white hinged back, much the same as a printing frame. It contains a full set of kits for standard size enlargements. When the easel is closed the image may be focused on the white back. The easel is opened, the Bromide paper placed over the opening in the kit, the back closed and the front of the easel turned up until it locks in an upright position. The easel is adjustable so it may be tipped forward or back to correct distortion.

The lamp is the 250 Watt Mazda Nitrogen type with concentrated filament, and can be attached to the ordinary electric circuit with cord and plug. The lamp socket and reflector are mounted on a rigid track, reflector and lamps, both being adjusted by thumb screws from the outside. The lamp and reflector may also be readily removed when necessary. The circular lamp house has a double ventilated shell and occupies the minimum amount of space.

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The condensers and ground glass diffuser are mounted in a specially designed frame and are held in place by a door in the form of a half circle. This also permits them to be readily removed for cleaning. The condensers are 10 inch, which insures a full 5 x 7 plate being perfectly illuminated. This is an important feature of this outfit.

The negative carrier has a revolving center which permits one to adjust the negative instantly to correct bad lines, and does away with turning the easel or the paper. The carrier will hold any negative up to 5 x 7, and enlargements may be made up to twenty inches.

The Eastman Enlarging Outfit is supplied without lens; but any lens covering a 5 x 7 plate will answer the purpose.The outfit is as compact as it can be made, and is extremely simple and economical to operate.

Price List

Eastman Enlarging Outfit, complete, with lamp, but without lens...........$85 00

Extra 250 Watt Nitrogen Mazda Lamp, Concentrated Filament................$5 00

Planatograph. Symmetrical Lens, 8 inch focus, for use with the Eastmnn Enlarging Outfit.................$12.00

Zeiss Kodak Anastigmat Lens, No. 5, 8 1/4 inch focus................$ 34.50