Hi. Poe is a live wire and can be counted on to get all the business that is coming to him - no one in our town will deny this. And most everyone makes it a point to pass his show-case at least twice a week. It's the point of contact - where the live wire comes in contact with the public, and you know there is always something interesting happening when a live wire connects up with anything.

Poe has the oldest studio in town and, like most old established studios, there are negatives of our townspeople on file dating away back to the time most of us were boys.

Pictures from these old nega>tives are mighty interesting when the subjects are in the lime light of publicity, and they have the value of attracting attention. So do pictures of current events, and Poe is always on the job with a camera whenever anything is doing. Sometimes he is even ahead of the fire department.

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By E. E. Dexter McKeesport, Pa.

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You may have the same opportunity in your town and, if you do, this will be of interest to you. One side of Poe's Main street show-case is devoted to pictures put there for the purpose of attracting attention. Attracting attention is part of his business - it's advertising - and advertising sells photographs. That's why Poe is always busy.

Everyone coming down Main street looks at the side of the case with the news slant first - then at the other side where the best portraits the studio can produce are always well displayed.That's why everyone in this town thinks Poe, when they think photographs, and think photographs, when they think Poe.

Just to give you a more concrete idea of how the interest is aroused, I will tell you what I saw in the case last week. Or better still, I might repeat the words of a man who stopped with a friend to look at the pictures :

"Well, well, this is interesting. A new picture of our new Mayor with his fighting smile' - and look at that - Captain Williams and the Volunteer Fire Department of 1879.' Who would ever have imagined Cap.' Williams looked like that, thirty-five years ago. And that explains why he has always been called Captain, too."Naturally they looked at the pictures on the other side of the case while they were there.

Not a bad advertising idea at all when it has such results, is it?

You see Captain Williams has always been one of the most popular public spirited men in our town, and when they ran him independently for Mayor to beat the Court House political machine, there was a pretty hot fight.

"Old Whiskers," as they called him, won out anyway, and we are going to have clean city government just as long as we have Mayor Williams. I guess everyone in town has stopped to look at those pictures of Captain Williams, for we have all come to love him more since he is our new Mayor.

I was talking with Poe the other day and he tells me the little stories the City Editor of the Herald writes from time to time about his show-case displays, are published voluntarily - but they help advertise Poe.Make quality prints on ARTURA

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