The cotton crop has been picked, and it was a whopper, but the market is off - the supply on hand is greater than the demand, so the slogan, "buy a bale of cotton" has started a movement to help the cotton producer. In New York State, the apple growers have changed the slogan to "buy a barrel of apples." Of course, there isn't such a thing as a photographic crop and photographs are not produced until there is a demand, so there is no such thing as overproduction, but there might be such a thing as under-demand. Obviously, the thing to do to avoid such a thing is to create a demand.

The Christmas season is going to make business, but why not get it started early and get more of it? It is publicity that makes people think of a thing and want it, and that's what photography needs just now.

People are going to buy Christmas presents - why not "buy a dozen photographs? " And if there is any danger of money being a little tighter than usual this Christmas, there is all the more chance for the photographer to keep hammering away at the public on the advisability of giving photographs for Christmas. It's economy.

A dozen photographs makes twelve most appropriate Christmas remembrances.

"Buy a dozen photographs."

Some people may think a photograph, in itself, is not quite enough to give at Christmas, but here again the photographer may fill the want without letting the customer fall into the hands of other merchants.

Put in a line of leather novelties for gift portraits that are equal to anything of the kind sold in the stores of the jeweler or the dealer in leather goods. These merchants have sold this class of goods simply because they display it in their shop windows. The public wanders aimlessly up and down the streets, wondering what to buy for Christmas presents, and a suggestion in a window display makes a sale.

If the photographer will display such goods in his show-case and have the case lighted at night, he will not only get his share of this business, but the suggestion of a leather Photograph Case, Bill Book or Vanity Case, with openings for photographs, will also stimulate the photograph business. The more of these goods sold for Christmas presents the more photographs will have to be made to fill them.And just here we might say it is a simple matter to make one small print to fit a small photograph case, without making a small negative. Set up the negative, place a piece of Bromide or Carbon Black Artura paper in your plate holder, back of a piece of clear glass, focus on the negative as you would in making a copy, and make your exposure. The result is a direct print of the proper size - simple reducing, instead of enlarging, in the camera.

Advertising And Selling StudioLightMagazine1914 251


By Fellows Wilson London, England

Advertising And Selling StudioLightMagazine1914 252

This process is mentioned only because some photographers object to making small prints for miniature frames, cases, etc., and do not sell novelties because of their dislike of this work. Let the printer make these prints, and get all of this business you can. Make your prices to include the photographs, where you have negatives of your customers, and you have a decided advantage over the shops handling these same novelties.

We have spoken elsewhere of other attractive and salable goods, but with all the things you may have to sell, your business will only be normal unless you make an unusual selling as well as producing effort.


The great merchant of to-day is the poor boy of yesterday - who has advertised.Make good work - make an attractive display that a person cannot well pass without stopping to see, and advertise the appropriateness of photographs for Christmas.