The price of platinum has been steadily climbing for several years and it has reached a point in the last few months that makes it absolutely necessary to make an increase of 25% in the price of Platinum Paper.

Platinum has always been one of the most precious metals, but it is only in recent years that it has been used extensively in the manufacture of jewelry. This, together with the present difficulty in getting platinum from the foreign mines, has sent prices soaring to a point where the above increase in the price of E. B., E. S. and American Platinum Papers has become necessary.

However, as Platinum is only used for high price work, the small advance in your prices necessary to offset the increase in the price of the paper itself will hardly be noticed by your customers.

Get all the tone values of white draperies - do away with halation - make better studio or home portrait negatives by using Eastman Portrait Film. Eastman Film Sheaths adapt ordinary plate holders to the use of films.

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By Fellows Wilson London, England

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We make but one condition in our offer of cuts for the use of photographers.

It is obvious that two photographers in the same town would not care to use the same cut, and we are therefore obliged to limit this offer to one photographer in a town. It will be a case of first come first served. The first order from a city will be promptly filled. Succeeding orders (if any) will necessarily be turned down and the remittance, of course, will be returned. It is also obvious that we cannot, on account of the cost of the drawings, furnish any large variety of cuts at the nominal prices quoted, and therefore can offer no substitute cut. The thing to do is to get your order in first, as it would not be fair to give the man who happens to get in his order early one month, a permanent advantage; we shall book no orders in advance. They must always specify the number of cut wanted. These cuts consist of the illustrations only, thus making it possible for the printer to change the wording or the amount of space to be occupied by the wording if so desired.

E. K. Co.

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The personal thought - the spirit of the giving, determines the value of the gift. What, then, could be more fitting than your portrait for the Christmas remembrance - to carry your simple message of friendship?

A dozen portraits solve, at once, a dozen perplexing gift problems.

Make an appointment to-day.

The Pyro Studio

No. 208. Prioe, 80 cents.

BULLETIN: The Eastman School of Professional Photography for 1914

Milwaukee, Wis.................November 10, 11, 12

Detroit, Mich.................November 17, 18, 19



Our business was established on a quality basis.

It has grown because we act on the belief that we can maintain our position in the trade just so long as we make better goods than our competitors - and no longer.

Our customers receive the benefit of the most advanced photographic thought of Europe and America. Our American and foreign factories are in constant touch with each other. Each has the benefit of the work and the discoveries of the other. The very breadth of our business enables us to give to each department absolutely the best that the world affords in technical skill and in producing facilities. The man with a new photographic idea turns to Rochester for a market just as he turns to Washington for his letters patent.

Our theory is that we can best serve ourselves by supplying our customers the best goods. Our acts have made this Theory a Policy, for we have not merely the desire to make the best goods but the means of converting that desire into a Reality.

In our thirty years in the photographic business there have been several revolutionary changes. Doubtless there will be many more. Whatever they may be our Policy shall be to furnish (without following every mere will-o'-the wisp) the very best of those goods which painstaking testing shall prove to be of benefit to our customers in the Simplification of Photographic Processes and the Advancement of the Art.

E. K. Co.

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By E. E. Dexter McKeesport, Pa.

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