The Wratten Filters are coming into large general use, and to provide a simple and efficient means for attaching them to the lens barrel, we have produced the Eastman Adjustable Filter Holder for use with the 3-inch square Wratten Filter which is the size in most general use with studio photographers. By means of a simple automatic adjusting clamp, the holder is attached to any lens barrel from 1 3/4 to 2 1/2 inches in diameter.

The Wratten Adjustable Filter Holder is finely finished in black enamel and nickel. It has spring lever adjustment, for lens mounts 7/8 to l 9/16 inches in diameter, and is for use with the 2-inch Wratten Filters most commonly used in view work. In both of these holders a groove allows the square filter to slide in directly in front of the lens.

The Price

Eastman Adjustable Filter Holder, for 3 inch square Alters ........................... $1.50

Wratten Adjustable Filter Holder. for 2-inch, square filters ...........................$2.50

Be sure of the quality of your chemicals. Specify E. K. Co. Tested.

The Price StudioLightMagazine1914 110


By Geo. M. Edmondson Cleveland, Ohio

The Price StudioLightMagazine1914 111The Price StudioLightMagazine1914 112

Keep the happy memory of school days for all time.

Your graduation portraits, and those of your classmates - precious to you now - will be priceless in the years to come.

We are exhibiting new and attractive styles of school pictures that will make most appropriate class gifts and which are priced consistently.

We would be pleased to have you make a visit to our studio.


No. 202. Price, 30 cents.

The Price StudioLightMagazine1914 113

Port. No. 24, Price 30 cents

Portrait Series Of Cuts For Newspaper Advertising

"There's a photographer in your town"

This series of cuts is offered the photographer that he may use our copy with suitable illustrations for newspaper advertising.

Port. No. 24 is the illustration for our ad, "Baby days and baby ways are over all too soon," etc. The complete copy will be found on page 7.

This ad will appear as full pages in the May number of Everybody's and McClure's and in the June number of Cosmopolitan, which is issued May 20th.

It is the season of the year when such advertising is most effective. Mother will not hesitate to bring baby to the studio for pictures in such pleasant weather. But mother needs reminding. And your use of this attractive copy in your local papers will bring you the mothers and babies to be photographed.Connect up with this publicity - make use of the cuts we are furnishing and don't be afraid to use advertising space. It will bring you results.bulletin: the eastman school of Professional Photography for 1914

San Antonio, Texas...................May 12, 13, 14

Oklahoma City, Okla...................May 19, 20, 21

Denver, Colo...................May 26, 27, 28

Salt Lake City, Utah....................June 2, 3, 4

Los Angeles, Cal...................June 9, 10, 11

San Francisco, Cal...................June 16, 17, 18

Portland, Ore...................June 23, 24, 25

Seattle, Wash...................June 30, July 1, 2

Portrait Series Of Cuts For Newspaper Advertising StudioLightMagazine1914 114

E. B. CORE, Photographer of Children

By Pirie Macdonald Photographer- of-Men New York, N. Y

Portrait Series Of Cuts For Newspaper Advertising StudioLightMagazine1914 115


The National Convention is to be held a month early this year, the opening day being June 15th, the place, Atlanta, Ga.

Get your business in order for a trip to the Southland, as it is only a few days until the Convention will be in full swing.

The Association slogan is a good one, "If you will only do a little for the Association the Association will do a whole lot for you," and the Association Board promises to make good.

There will be a series of instructive talks and criticisms furnished by the Women's Federation, and a number of prominent lecturers will address the Association on subjects of more than general interest.

The manufacturers' exhibits will be unusually interesting, as will also the demonstrations of negative and print making.

Reduced round trip fares have been secured from all parts of the country to Atlanta, tickets being on sale at the special rates on June 13 and 14, good for return trip until June 24.

There are several very desirable rail routes to Atlanta, also routes by water which will be most comfortable and will furnish ideal outings.But of greatest importance is the direct benefit to the photographer who is looking for new ideas, and the broadening influence these visits to the National Conventions will have upon his work. There is also to be considered the effect of such visits from the advertising standpoint. Attend the National Conventions and let your customers know you are interested at all times in securing the newest ideas in things photographic.