In practically every Christmas list there are friends, relatives or members of the immediate family for whom it is hard to select a suitable gift. Photographs solve many of these problems but there are always a few to whom the average person wishes to give just a bit more than a portrait.

A nice print just a little larger than the prints of the original order often meets the want, but there are also many cases where a print just a little smaller is desired for some sort of a photographic case. You may not care to bother with these smaller prints, but there is good money in this business, if you get all the profit you should.

The jeweler or stationer around the corner or across the street has been displaying some very attractive leather photograph cases. You see them in his window every year at holiday time and you can be sure he sells them at a profit.

It doesn't seem reasonable but it is true that jewelers or stationers have always handled the bulk of this business in leather photograph cases. But there is no good reason why you should continue to be satisfied with your profits on the photographs alone. Get the added profits on the leather goods also.

A few years ago there was a family album in every home. The pictures in this album were all cabinets, except a couple of leaves in the back which were filled with tintypes.Today the only portraits you see in the average home are either framed or in neat leather cases made to stand on a desk or library table.

One of the best lines of leather photograph cases and novelties is that manufactured by Taprell, Loomis & Company and sold by most dealers. It will pay you to order a few of these and display them in your case and sales-room. Suggest them for Christmas when you take or deliver orders whether there is a chance of selling them at the time or not. It is only by letting your customers know that the best place to buy photographic novelties is from the photographer, that you can expect to work up this business.

You can sell such goods the year round without any difficulty - it isn't merely a holiday business. Besides Easter there are birthdays and anniversaries and a neat case gives a portrait the necessary finishing touch for a gift.

The attractive leather novelties may be had in cases for the pocket or stands for a table. There are also combination cases, vanity cases, card cases, bill folds and books and a number of other novelties, all having one or more openings for photographs.

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By Frank Scott Clark Detroit, Mich.

And your profit on this line of goods is one hundred per cent.

Your best sale for such novelties will be at Christmas time. Order an assortment from your dealer to-day - but sell them the year round.

Azo Changes

Soft and Hard double weight Azo C will hereafter be labeled Grade F.

The single Grade C is a pense stock while the Grade F Azo is a white stock in both single and double weights.

Both C and F Azo have the same glossy surface, so the change merely places all the white stock glossy Azo in the same grade. Grade F double weight will now be furnished in Soft, Hard and Hard X.

A New Grade Of Azo

A new grade of Azo, A. A. (carbon) has just been added to the Azo line. This new grade is similar to Grade A but is coated on a stock of paper with a slight cream tint. While a radical difference is not noticeable in the black and white print, the sepia tones on A. A. have an additional warmth that many photographers consider desirable. A. A. Azo is made only in double weight and the one degree of contrast, Hard.

Making Advertising Copy Realistic How Photography Enabled A National Advertiser To Sell Goods From True-To-Life Illustrations

In the October number of Advertising and Selling the advertising manager of The C. Kenyon Company, a large coat making concern, gives his experience with photographic advertising copy.

The illustrations used in this copy are from actual photographs of live models wearing the particular coats advertised. The photographic work is good and there is no question as to the effect of such illustrations on the dealer as well as the consumer. It is realistic advertising and the results show its value in selling goods.