You are filling the Christmas demand for photographs - a demand that is always heavier at this particular time of the year than at any other season.

But what sort of a demand is it? If another photographer were to enter your field, would he split the business with you? He certainly would if you are doing nothing more than filling a demand.

However, you can do an unlimited amount of business if you devote as much energy towards creating a demand as you do towards filling it. And while your competitor may, without effort, reap a small portion of benefit from your labor, it is worse than useless to try to prevent it.

A farmer doesn't harvest his crop and then trust to the few seeds that fall to the ground for his next year's harvest. He tills the soil and plants the seed and nurses it along until it yields another and even greater harvest - if he fertilizes.

It's the same in business, but advertising is the seed that makes your business grow. It may seem strange to you but it is a fact that the concern manufacturing one of the best known and largest selling proprietary medicines that was ever placed on the market failed in nine months after it discontinued advertising.

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By Frank Scott Clark Detroit, Mich.

You might say this is an argument against advertising. You might advertise and work up such a large and profitable business that you wouldn't dare stop - you might have to employ a manager in order to get away from your business cares occasionally. But that is the penalty of being a successful business man.

There are such photographers - they do have advertising bills to meet and they do have managers to whom they occasionally have to entrust their affairs. But they ride in their own motor cars and seem to enjoy their fishing trips all the more for having shifted the responsibility of a big business to someone else's shoulders.

These photographers are advertising just now, notwithstanding the fact that they have all the work they can conveniently handle. They are creating business for the future - keeping photography and themselves before the public continually so that to think of photographs is to think also of where to have them made.

Our Christmas advertising - the "There's a photographer in your town" copy - can only create a desire for portraits - but it will do that well. It remains for you to secure the benefits of this advertising in your town. We can only say "There's a photographer in your town" - but you can tell the readers of your local paper that you are the particular photographer who wants their business.

You may have all the work you can handle - that doesn't matter. If people want portraits and can't get them before Christmas, they will have them made for New Year's or Easter. Many may prefer to have the work done in January or February. Advertise that the portrait is appreciated at any season.

Don't be satisfied with a dribbling demand. Get right out in the open and fight for business on the same footing with the stationer, confectioner, jeweler and all those who are constantly advertising to create a demand for their wares - who are after their share of the money that is spent every year for luxuries.

Fill the demand for Christmas portraits, but set about creating a new demand to keep you busy after the holidays. You can't advertise and sit still, too, for advertising is the best known antidote for sick business.It dries down with the brilliancy of a wet print.Try the new grade.

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By Frank Scott Clark Detroit, Mich.