With the Christmas rush over - the loose ends picked up, the disgruntled customer finally satisfied, your promises all filled and a little more, and the feeling that every piece of work you have delivered has embodied your best efforts, you can close your doors on Friday, the twenty-fourth, with a clear conscience and a feeling of good will to all men.

We trust that the recapitulation of your 1915 business will disclose even a better and healthier condition than you had anticipated or hoped for. Some lines of business have suffered from shortages or complete curtailment of imports from the countries at war. Photography has not been hard hit. The scarcity of certain chemicals is not as serious a matter to photographers as the scarcity of dye stuffs has been to the great textile industry.

The commercial photographer has done well this year. Photography is being used to a greater extent in all lines of business and commercial photography is being developed along new lines continually. Don't overlook any of your opportunities in this work for 1916. Read every article you can find on the subject and be open to suggestions at all times.

Home portraiture has made business for many portrait photographers and we may say it has increased business, for we do not believe it has supplanted studio work. Much of the work would never have been made in a studio, so the photographer who operates a studio and also does home portraiture has created new business.

Photography is also being advertised more extensively than ever before and most of it is good, constructive advertising. Once in a while a man who doesn't understand the philosophy of advertising claims to make better work than his competitors, and creates even greater suspicion in the mind of the reader by making the unreasonable claim that his prices are also the lowest. Every school boy knows that the best article you can buy is not cheaper than the poorest. Make your advertising constructive.

Optimism should be the keynote of 1916. War clouds may hang heavy beyond the horizon - but we are at peace with all the world. Our opportunities, and they are all about us, are unlimited. 1915 will soon have passed - 1916 is yours to make of it what you will. We trust it may be the most prosperous year in your business experience.

Large prints on differ from contact prints in size only - the quality is the same.That's why they are more than ordinary enlargements.