EVERY photographer interested in increasing his business - in securing new customers, in holding those he already has - will make the most of the opportunities offered by Home Portraiture.

Here is a field of almost unlimited possibilities for clean, dignified and profitable work among the people who will make the best possible purchasers. Already Home Portraiture has become the vogue in the larger cities; the novelty of having real portraits made by a professional photographer in their own homes, meets the immediate approval of the better class of trade. In every locality there are many opportunities for profitable work for the photographer who has the right equipment.

The right equipment. The very nature of the work makes it imperative that the photographer have the best possible outfit. Makeshift apparatus will not do. The home portrait photographer must have an outfit that will inspire immediate confidence in the minds of his customers. The Folmer & Schwing Home Portrait Outfit No. 2 instills the "he-knows-his-business" feeling from the time the photographer commences to unpack the two velvet lined, sole leather cases that contain the Camera, Stand, Lens, Shutter, Back Ground and Reflector.

There is business of this kind in your town, and somebody is going to get it. The best customers are to be found among the people who prefer to be photographed in their home surroundings rather than in a studio.

The Folmer & Schwing Home Portrait Outfit No. 2 is described and illustrated in an unusually high grade book, which we will mail you for the asking.


Eastman Kodak Co. ROCHESTER, N. Y.

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By Herman Heyn Omaha, Neb.


Home portraiture is taking a hold and becoming a popular and exceedingly profitable part of the portrait business. Eastman Portrait Films gave home portraiture its first real impetus, because of their special adaptability to this line of work. Now comes the F. & S. Home Portrait Outfit to supply every convenience of the best studio apparatus, combined with special features that meet the unexpected and unusual conditions encountered only in home portraiture.

It is especially important that the outfit of the home portraitist should lend dignity to his profession - should be in keeping with the home surroundings of his most refined patrons. It is also important that such an outfit should be exceptionally compact, yet so constructed that it can be completely assembled in a very few minutes.

The Folmer-Schwing Division has made a careful study of all these requirements and embodied in the Home Portrait Outfit No. 2 the practical ideas of most experienced workers. It is thoroughly efficient in every respect, finished in such manner that it is not out of place in the most luxurious home and so compact that it is entirely contained in two velvet lined, sole leather cases.

The outfit consists of everything necessary for making 8x10 or 5 x 8 negatives, and comprises the following:

1 8x10 Home Portrait Camera No. 2.

1 8x10 Sliding Ground Glass Carriage.

1 Home Portrait Stand.

1 F. & S. Home Portrait Reflector and Stand.

1 Background 6 x 6 ft.

1 Focusing Cloth.

6 Sterling Portrait Film Holders 8x10.

1 No. 0 Auto Studio Shutter.

1 B. & L.-Zeiss Tessar Lens /.4.5,

No. 18, 11 7/8 inch.

2 Sole leather Carrying Cases, velvet lined, to contain the complete outfit.

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The F. & S. Home Portrait Outfit

The camera is richly finished in dark mahogany, harmonizing perfectly with the nickeled metal work. The camera is provided with front and back rack and pinion for focusing and has vertical and horizontal swings. The raising and lowering front is not attached to the bellows and allows a movement of three inches - ample for the most exacting work.

A spring actuated folding lens hood shades the lens when working towards the light, and the back frame of the camera is provided with clips for holding the focusing cloth in position. The front board measures 7x7 inches and the camera has a capacity of 22 inches.

The sliding ground glass carriage permits the making of two 5x8 negatives on an 8 x 10 plate or film, the lens being perfectly centered for each exposure, and a diaphragm kit that fits in the back of the camera is provided for this purpose. The sliding carriage and kit may be instantly removed and the regular ground glass back attached for making 8 x 10 negatives.

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The Solidly Constructed and Compact Camera

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The Rigid Home Portrait Stand Set Up

The Home Portrait Stand is remarkable for its handsome appearance, rigidity and compactness when folded. The top is a finely finished aluminum casting and can be quickly attached to or removed from the stand by the turn of a milled head and a quarter turn of the top. It can be tilted in either direction and firmly locked by a heavy clamp. Angle pieces at the edge of the top fit in grooves in the edge of the camera bed, allowing the entire camera to be moved on the top and locked firmly by binding screws at either side, thus en-

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The Home Portrait Stand Folded

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The Home Portrait Camera, mounted on Stand, ready for business entirely doing away with tripod screws.

The center post of the stand is composed of two heavy gauge brass tubes, finely nickeled and telescoping so the camera may be lowered to within 30 inches of the floor or raised to 4 1/2 feet. The legs are of solid mahogany, finished to harmonize with the woodwork of the camera, heavy fibre braces insuring the rigidity of the stand.The noiseless felt casters are fitted to nickeled caps that fit over the ends of the wooden legs, permitting enough

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This Sliding Cap, to which the casters are attached, will take up any unevenness in the floor extension to take up any unevenness in the floor. All parts of the stand are smooth working and it may be set up and any adjustment made in a remarkably short time.