Ideas That Have Been Tried By Photographers And Found To Be Useful

To detect pin holes in the bellows of a camera, darken the room and place a lighted electric light globe inside the camera. Examine the camera from all sides and if there are any leaks they may very easily be seen.

When the sulphide re-developing bath is worn out it will act very much as a hypo bath, dissolving the silver bromide image. Prints will not re-develop as a consequence, even though removed to a fresh bath.

To give a bottle a label that will be permanent, use a good thin white gummed paper. When this has been stuck on, go over same with a size of thin glue or gelatine and allow to dry over night. Then give the label a coat of good varnish, allowing it to cover at least one-half inch margin around the label. It is advisable to use a waterproof drawing ink for writing the label.

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By Clifford Norton Cleveland, Ohio

Next to an actual visit, a portrait, sent to the folks at home or those relatives who care most about you, will be most welcome - will give the greatest pleasure.

Modern photography isn't a trial to undergo, it's an experience to enjoy.

Make the appointment to-day.

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No. 216. Price, 30 cents.

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By The Hoover Art Co. Los Angeles, Calif.


You ought to be advertising right now for Christmas business because other merchants are making their bid for the Christmas spending money.

People travel more or less in beaten paths. There are places of business in your town you don't pass once a month. If the town is of fair size there are business places you have never seen.

People go about their business and to and from their homes in these beaten paths, only a few of which pass your display case, unless you are located in the very center of the business district.

How do you reach the great number of people who see your display case only occasionally at best? How do the jeweler, the stationer, the confectioner and a host of other business men reach the public to tempt its dollars, especially at Christmas time?

You will find your answer in the advertising pages of your local paper. And you will also find yourself going out of your beaten path to buy an advertised article at one of these stores. You know it's there, not because you saw it but because it was advertised and it was in this way suggested to you as something desirable for a certain purpose.

Many of you have made use of the sample advertisements and cuts which we show each month on page 22.

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